Lasted build. Dual 6355 190kv / 12s2p / 30+ mph

Ok so I’ve definitely caught the bug. And I’d say this will be my last board for awhile.

TB Dual 6355 190kv motor TB VESC TB motor mount TB 218mm truck 16/40t pulley kit 15mm 280mm 15mm belts 12s2p battery (Samsung 30q) Nano remote (until photon gets here) 97 abec 11 wheels

Took it for a couple runs today and was actually really impressed in comparison to my dual 6374 board. Acceleration isn’t as crazy but the top end is definitely there. The esk8 calculator is pretty spot on but I got consistently 35mph with a peak of 37.8mph. I don’t even notice a difference in the 36t to 40t which is strange.


So what do you think of those wide track 218 trucks? I’m running them on one of my builds and they feel really stable to me but I never go over 20 mph anymore. Would you say they are an advantage for stability at higher speeds?

I apologize I never saw this, these trucks are ridiculously stable at high speeds. Almost too stable lol




Are you selling your board? If so, I’m willing to buy it and pay for shipping

It’s sold man sorry

Are you selling your other boards? I have about $1500 throw around so if you’re interested, let me know :slight_smile:

Ya message me

What range were you getting?

TB 218 trucks are pretty stable at high speeds, running the diyeboard 6in airless with them with dual 6374 and manage to go 30+ and its still pretty stable.