Latest complete DIY kit

Hi guys,

What is the latest complete diy kit (without the deck lets say) and where to get it? Price i am thinking about is up to 600 dollars. Any sugestions?

Look at these 2 sites, both great guys and they sell quality gear.


thanks for your reply. Any direct drives, without the belts?

Hub motors are scarce right now. I’ve ordered a set from a company, but they have just ramped up so I don’t know if they want it to be common knowledge right now. Ill check and post back. Both DIY & MEB sell hubs but I don’t know anyone that has them. You might ask around. Links below…


thanks again. The thing is that i am pretty new in e skating topic so i really need like a complete set with everything except the deck. I mean battery, mainboard, remote, cover, wires, even screws etc. Don’t really want to buy parts separately just in case something will not work with the rest of stuff. And i am not talking about mellow or eon. Just loose parts but definitely all of them (something like IKEA furniture). Anything like that in the market?

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I would look at the E-Skate build category and find a board that you like. Most of the builds will have a “shopping list” all you woul dhave to do is order the components and assemble, nothing really groundbreaking.

try buy trucks motor mount belts pullys wheels from one place then u will know it will work easy, as far as batterys,esc,motors, u will have to do a bit of reading,you need to know how many miles and what speed u want to go then find out how and what you need,