Latest firmware for regular FocBoxes with low speed brake lock

It seems all development has gone towards Unity, however I know there is a low speed brake fix on the latest Firmware, unfortunately this hasn’t been ported by @ackmaniac

Can someone point me to the right link to download the latest FW for regular Focboxes?

You searching for the latest ack FW or the latest vesc tool FW?

The lastest stock firmware works great for me. I can patch the ackmaniac for you if you want but give a try to the stock first. It won’t lock but will cog a bit.

I’m on elofty and AT wheels and so far has been great.

Please patch it for me.

I’m ready to flash it today!

@skatardude10 ?

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Yep, one sec!

That’s Acks 3.102 with Jeff’s second iteration brake fix applied.

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@skatardude10 Made a build a while ago:

When I’ll get back home I’ll check if they made any update

I think that’s an old one, probably the first iteration of the brake fix with the buzzing noise at the end.

Have you compared ackmaniac against stock? What’s the advantage nowadays of ack? Stock is buttery smooth for me.

I haven’t and i’ve been meaning to at some point. I’ve been lazy, using Ackmaniac’s app for tracking- I haven’t wanted to break anything.

One of the advantages I think is the acceleration curve based on wattage rather than current.

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So far acceleration is perfect on stock.

I like the new VESC tool a lot. Especially the ability to connect directly Metr

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Is the new vesc tool only available as an Android App paid version on Trampa website?

I don’t think so, the VESC tool is open source and has macOS/windows/android versions.

However I’m an iOS user so I can’t be sure.

Is that the firmware for 3.102?

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