Lazyrolling armored hoodie live on indiegogo!

In case you haven’t noticed Lazyrolling just went live on Indiegogo.


BTW those HALOs are sick too


Hoodie is awesome! IMG_20190206_212446


I got to try the hoodie in Stockholm and I must say it’s premium product :call_me_hand:t2:


I ordered a second one. It is a must buy.


Curse you jlabs :wink::joy:

Shoulda been greedy and snagged it

Is it honestly worth the money? Like how are the pads


I really like mine. Its a hair small for my fat ass though. Think im selling mine to go a size up.

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Not too sure about the protection of the back pad seeing as it’s a 2-ply piece of harder/softer foam, but the elbow and shoulder pads are Zeus something or other and are pretty firm and have plenty of cushion. I’ve heard you can replace the back padding material with something better though so it’s got some upgradeability if you’re not happy whit it…

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I have fallen in mine twice now. Nothing too crazy, but the hoodie made it to where literally nothing happened.

I think it is worth the final pricetag.

It is quality, and incredibly comfortable for the amount of padding you get.

Protection with looking like a fucking dork in a motorcycle jacket.


And the back pad helped me out for sure on a three roll scuffle fall. I tried to race a damn sport bike light to light, I was winning, but hit some road BS.

Get the hoodie now before they are scooped up at the good pricepoints. The super early birds sold out in like 20 minutes or something.

You really won’t regret it.

Sizing wise, remember it is a hoodie. I like mine a little roomy (how a hoodie should fit) and my XL fits my 6ft 200lbs body great.


Im 5 9 and 180 and living the xxl Its a really comfortable jacket. I want the windbreaker when available for sure. I can’t afford another hoodie atm or i would definitely get one. Might just grab something else to feel like im helping lol

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Hey Guys! If you have any questions / related I try my bes to be active here, but please don’t hesitate to contact [email protected] or [email protected]

And I’ll personally take care of it asap!

Thanks for all the support!!


Here I have a sweatshirt underneath mine that is the size Large. I’m 88 kg and 184 cm tall image image


Would it be possible for you to try a size medium with a sweatshirt underneath?

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Here a MEDIUM without pads, but with a sweatshirt under. image image


Which size do you prefer? Does medium feel a bit too tight?

I prefer a Large, in the Medium I cannot fit pads in it.


I don´t have pictures, but i´m 180cm 85kg and L is just perfect fit.


Well then it’s almost useless :joy: I might need a bigger size. Would it be possible to change the size?

Have you ordered one on Indiegogo? then just write to [email protected] and it will be fixed. If you are thinking to buy and want to change, it’s not a problem at all, but you’ll need to cover shipping.

I ordered on IndieGoGo. Super Early Backer :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll probably write an email, because I just measured one of my hoodies that fit pretty good with sweatshirt and it’s 56cm.