LazyYachtz | LY Ripple Ridge | Caliber II | 83mm Flyclones | Enertion Pulleys/Belt | Custom mount | Batt? | Motor? | Controller?

Alright boys now we start the fun / aggravation / pure bliss

Im going to start off by yes this is my 1st build however im super handy, frugal (not cheap), very detail oriented, and by no means lazy. Project background: Im not trying to make the fastest board out there. I am aware of the law of Diminishing Returns. However, i am an adrenaline junkie so i would like to make a decent board. Somewhere around 20-25mph should be fine. if i wanted to go slower i would just use my non-eboards. =P As for range, i would like to be able to ride for about 2 hours, not full throttle of course. maybe 25km range? this is a pleasure board not a commuter but that does not mean i wont make an excuse to run errands with it. Im located on the East Coast of Florida so i doubt there is much for hills in my future. I’m 6’1’’ and 185 lbs. I am Absolutely open to suggestions and encourage it. if i say or do something wrong tell me. much better to fix or do it right the first time. Saves my ever thinning wallet.

Parts will be listed below and updated as i change my mind or order them

Board: Landyachtz Ripple Ridge Length 31.75” Width 9.125” Wheelbase 19.25” (Ordered) (Arrived!) its always nice to go outside and see a package is there! Christmas is here. I simply fell in love with the shape of this board. maybe its a bit tight in the wheelbase for my 1st? either way i will add her to my sweet board collection. my eBoard needs a kicktail and some decent curves.

Trucks: Caliber ll 50 10" (ordered) (arrived) I have various risers if need be.

Wheels: 83mm Flywheels w/ bones reds bearings (Ordered) (Arrived)

Motor: Semi Undecided. This will be a single drive unit. Enertion 190kv or Sk3 245kv

Batteries: 8s system at ~10000mah LiPoly. (2) 4s 5000mah batteries in series and then in parallel.

Vesc: Undecided need more research. most likely enertion vesc or one from ollin

Drivetrain: 16t 9mm wide steel motor pulley, 36t & 34t 9mm wide printed wheel pulley from @JLabs , 9mm wide belt

Controller: Open to suggestions. definately not the GT2B i dont want to lug that thing. Possibly the Enertion wireless hand controller. Edit: after further reveiw i will infact be going with the GT2B for reliability and then modding it for size purposes.

Motor Mount: Will be handmade out of 8mm aluminum. Early shout out to @Chris_KP for helping me with my Motor Mount questions!

Charger: IMAX B6 DC Charger 5A 50W

Will add some speed/distance calcs soon for various configs. need a break. did i forget anything? Let me know your thoughts, questions, concerns below


Crazy deck :smiley:

Didn’t you buy a motor from the group buy? Haha

Edit: just saw this post is older

i sure did. =p i think im going to do some testing with 2 different set-ups the group buy 190kv and 245kv SK3 and the one i like best will stay. other will be for future build or back-up.