LBC Hyper Drive - 50mm Axial Direct Drive

Hey everyone! I designed a thing: Truck_2018-Jun-26_08-48-28AM-000_CustomizedView1133319088_png

I’ve been talking to manufacturers, both locally and overseas, but everywhere I’ve gone has quoted ~1000 USD for mould setting (pretty much one set) - with initial manufacturing once the bits have been set being far, far cheaper

So the point of this post is, would anyone here be interested in a set of these motors?

Important Specifications

  • The stator has 40.6 mm Diameter, 45mm long with 12 teeth and a 14mm bore.
  • Compatibility with Kegel Cores, which gives you all wheel sizes of 75mm, 80mm, 85mm, 90mm, 97mm and 100mm. The diameter of the motor also means that using 75mm wheels is possible with 11.5mm of ground clearance, perfect for people with small wheels.
  • Motor dimensions are 5275, projected maximum wattage is ~1800.
  • Fully compatible with Paris Baseplates and bushings as wide as Orangatang Nipples

Maximum speeds with motor @65KV and different size wheels (12s nominal).

  • 75mm (Can’t remember the name) - 20.97 mph - 33.74 km/h
  • 80mm (Kegel) - 22.36 mph - 35.99 km/h
  • 85mm (Cagumar) - 23.76 mph - 38.24 km/h
  • 90mm (Popoca, Hatchling, R-spec) - 25.16 mph - 40.49 km/h
  • 97mm (R-spec) - 27.12 mph - 43.64 km/h
  • 100mm (Constrictor, R-spec AT) - 27.96 mph - 44.99 km/h

Even with a few preorders, we could get the price ~500! Would there be any interest in this?

Some more pictures:




Some technical details:

  1. Stator lamination height is 0.2mm
  2. All motor parts are high grade ferromagnetic low carbon steel
  3. Motor magnets are sintered Nd2Fe14B, which is rated to ~300 degrees celsius

I would take this to be more on just gauging interest at this point and providing a possible prince point.

As for the motors. More options for this type of drive is always good. It offers the same benefits as Carvon but with distinct differences that set it apart.

One option you could add is having removable alternative wheel adapters. Not sure how you have designed the wheel adapters, but if it is anything like Carvons and simply unbolts I don’t see any reason why it couldn’t be done. Having the option to buy the drives and a matching wheel adapter for whatever wheel cores matches each persons personal favorite wheel would be a nice advantage.


@moon @Moros



Good luck with the Direct Drive

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They’re a 3 part design, so really damn easy to have an Abec style core option. I chose the kegel style because the core is inherently stronger - thats a big plus when you’re putting 8nm of torque through the wheel. Also my ABEC design had higher machining costs :frowning:

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The more offer of a certain product the better

Did you design the stator specifically for these motor or are you going with what’s is offered by manufacturers?

Bit of both, it’s a standard dimensioned 50xx stator (40.6mm od) but I’d get them specifically manufactured for this board - no one makes stators like this. 10mm longer than one in a 5065.

I only made this post because I’m a student, and I need 450 alone for stator production. That’s 450 I can’t free up without knowing there’s some demand

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Good luck John, nice design…


My opinion is that there is a high demand for such products. It looks really nice! BUT, I think people are hesitant to throw money at vaporware.

If you want to copy Carvon, please don’t make the same mistakes along the way. The kingpin screw seems to not have enough room between the motors for the axle to turn without hitting the motors.

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Nice renders, IMHO this is how “hub motors” should have been created since day 1.

However, I would be very very careful before taking anybody’s money. Just today, I was looking at the kickstarter for a desktop laser cutter. Just read those updates and see all the problems they had. Product was delivered over two years late. Same goes for the mellow drive, carvon etc. etc., and those guys were working on it full time with more than one person. This is why they say “hardware is hard”, it’s not something you can do next to being a student.

However, don’t be discouraged, if you manage to pull it off I’m sure there’s some demand (me included!). Just start with very very limited batches, and work out the problems before scaling up.


I think there’s definitely a demand for direct drive systems. You’d only need to see how quickly a carvon group buy filled up and how many people still try and get their hands on those drives. I also think there’s nothing wrong with having options. I for one encourage you to give it a go! I know my next street build will have them one way or another. Maybe hook up with @NAF and sell as a complete on his hyper beast? The renderings look sweet.

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Inspired by a better one :wink:

This looks nice. I’d be interested if you get any further with it.

Why the 50xx stator not 60xx? Surely would have more torque ect… And majority of people here are on 90mm wheels to 107mm. Nice design tho I’m interested

You ought to contact @fliess. He made his own Axial direct drivetrain.

Maybe you can get some advice/collaborate re bringing your design into reality.

Looking forward to hearing more :sunglasses:


How did you learn all the necesary things to build your own brushless outrunner motor?

I like smaller wheels :smile: This’ll be good even for those 75mm wheels with kegel cores (can’t remember the name haha)

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I watched tonnes of YouTube videos on rc drone motors, and I took apart tonnes of different bldc motors. I also talked to a few engineering friends I met through working who make electric racecars

Ahmyo Akasha // FR or DH:


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The kingpin issue has been proved by you? Do the xls have the same issue?