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LCD Monitor Hook up

Hi Esk8 Community

I have built an electric Longboard. I would like to hook up a LCD Monitor, to show me how much juice I have still got left. In my electric Longboard I use a car ESC, which has a power switch built in. I would like to hook it up, so the LCD Monitor switches on, when I switch on the ESC. I do not want it to be on all the time… how can I make it so it is not on all the time?

Thanks a lot and best regards from Switzerland

Here’s what you’re looking for

you’ll have to wire it after the switch in your setup so it’s not always on

have a look at my build. it is exactly what i did.

Thanks for the replies!

But how exactly do you mean after the power switch?

Basically make sure when you hook up the meter, you don’t complete the connection unless the board is powered on/switched on. Here’s an example I found