LCD voltage meter as used in space cell

Can anyone show me where I can get the LCD voltage display that is used in space cells? It doesn’t have to be the same one but just needs to be similar in function showing percentage, voltage, etc. and nothing too fancy


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this is better

awesome thanks! hm I must’ve not had the correct terms because when I searched on ebay, I didn’t find anything close to these lol

@delta_19 are you using this coulometer? in the title it says 0-100 A, but then in the pictures it says max current 10A and peak 20A? anyways what amps rating would i need for my set up ? 12S lipo, 6374 149kv, gearing 16/36, rider 100 kg, wheels 83mm, ollin vesc

I just borked my Space Cell LCD with water today and I would like a replacement soon.®-Battery-Indicator-Capacity-Meter-BLUE/dp/B00WE1OM84/ref=sr_1_3?srs=7885600011&ie=UTF8&qid=1472690037&sr=8-3&keywords=LCD+indicator®-Battery-Indicator-Capacity-Meter-BLUE/dp/B00WE4D7Q4/ref=sr_1_8?srs=7885600011&ie=UTF8&qid=1472690037&sr=8-8&keywords=LCD+indicator

I found these on Amazon and they are Prime listed. The problem I found is they are a fixed voltage as there is no button to change the voltage readings. Which is the one I need? Does it go by nominal voltage?

36V or why not below, form factor does not work jamming into Spacecell?