Lean Longboard and hub motors

Hey all!

I saw a crazy longboard called Lean. I was wondering…is there any hubmotor or bet driven solution that would adapt to such a board?



i’ve looked it a couple of time, it just looks fun, but I can see anyway to make it usable. The hubs would have to be 44mm max which means the board would be anemic as hell.

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So its the wheels that would become a problem? …except how the belt would work when turning… :smiley:

What a board. Can not see any way to adapt those trucks to esk8 though. No pulley would work due to the wheels angling the way they do and mounts well nigh on impossible. It may work with those skull board hubs but they are pretty crappy power wise. I mean you could put any hub motors on it by the looks of it but without the curved wheels it kind of defeats the object. Love to see it done though and to ride it.

that’s the thing, the wheels tilt at a different rate than the hanger so hubs are the only way to go. To keep from grinding the inside of the hub against the truck, you can only us e amax of 50mm (?) wide hub motors and that would just suck…

my buddy has this board and its really… something? I dont like it much :x the turning really is something else though

Thanks for the replies! Maybe it was a crazy idea after all :smiley:

I’m thinking of converting one to a 30+ mph eboard. do you think it has the potential for high speeds if you tightened down the trucks?

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Not at all. The wheels are rounded and speed wobble will be a huge factor when riding it. Plus like we said above there is almost no way to mount motors to these trucks and hubs wont have enough power in that size.

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Used one before. Not a fan. They’re very slidey, I’ll give them points for that. Stability wise, you’re better off with regular RKPs.

I have put a lot of research and time into developing a way to mount and secure a belt system. That’s not a problem. Just didn’t realize how large the problem of speed wobbles was.

Please enlighten us with that design because shit dude if you can fit a mount and belt drive to those trucks then you my friend are a genius. No pics Never happened lol

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Yea how would that even be possible…

Just like Doug said it’s gonna be a no from me dog, the wheel are too suspect.

As for your mount idea…I don’t want to squash creativity but…

Please prove us wrong :joy::joy:

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oh im sure he will XD (im hoping anyway)

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