LecDec Prebuilt | 36" Deck | Magaluma 7" Trucks | Unknown 2xx kV 1200 W Motor | Single Drive Mount | 6S 8Ah 177Wh Li-ion Battery | FVT Brave Wolf 120A(?) ESC

I’ve done about 320km because I literally use my board every day to go to school and skating with my friends on the weekends, I also need to change my belt because it really jumps over the cog when I break way to often even when I’m going slow

olá, tb sou de lisboa e tenho um sk8 igualzinho ao seu mas de marca luuov. sou novo nisto e tenho algumas duvidas… se me conseguisse esclarecer seria oprimo. a primeira é: o meu sk8 só da 20 km/h… e sei que eles dao 30 km/h… li no site deles que eles têm 2 ou 3 diferente modos (principiante e normal) que limitam a velocidade de ponta e aceleração. Sabe onde se selecionam esses modos? É no comando? Obrigado e um abraço

Olá, bem-vindo ao fórum. :slight_smile:

Eu sei que já dei 24 km/h mas era a descer. Também já devo ter dado mais de 20 km/h em plano mas nunca tive que activar nenhum modo. Aliás, desconheço qualquer forma de activar ou desactivar modos na minha LecDec nem vi qualquer referência a isso no manual.

Do que já vi em videos e nos sites onde se vendem clones destas longboards é que os dois modos de velocidade referem-se ao modo normal com o stick do acelerador e ao modo cruise control em que se fixa a velocidade pressionando no stick. Ainda foi só recentemente que descobri que pressionando o botão B faz um “soft brake”.

Costumo dar uma voltas com a minha LecDec no passeio marítimo de Algés, é uma questão de combinarmos e encontramo-nos lá para trocar umas impressões sobre as nossas máquinas. :slight_smile:

[Google Translation for the people not yet familiar with the portuguese language]

Hello, welcome to the forum. :slight_smile:

I know I have given 24 km / h but it was down. Also I must have given more than 20 km / h on flat but never had to activate any way. Moreover, unaware of any way to enable or disable modes in my LecDec not see any reference to this in the manual.

From what I’ve seen in videos and on websites where they sell these clones longboards is that the two speed modes refer to the normal mode with the throttle stick and the cruise control mode in which fixed the rate by pushing the stick. Although it was only recently that I discovered that by pressing the B button makes a “soft brake”.

I often take a lap with my LecDec on the promenade of Algés, it is a matter of combining and meet you there to exchange some impressions of our machines. :slight_smile:

Olá!! Boa, então 20 km/h é mesmo a velocidade de ponta dele a direito. É sempre fixe conversar com alguém e tirar dúvidas. É que comprei isto em segunda mão… Porém nos sites das “marcas” dizem 20 milhas, 30 km/h… Eu tenho andado por Lisboa, podemos combinar pelo passeio marítimo um dia destes e trocarmos umas impressões. :wink: Era fixe. Estou alto fã disto!!

Não foi bem isso que eu quis dizer, eu é que não passo dos 20 km/h a andar normalmente. Eu não gosto de andar muito depressa, tenho um certo receio de ir parar ao chão. :slight_smile:

Um fim de semana destes combinamos e encontramo-nos lá em Algés, é um dos locais porreiros aqui à volta de Lisboa para andar descansado e com muito espaço.

Last Tuesday was the day to do some maintenance to the electric longboard. For some time that I noticed that the wheel pulley has many dents made by small rocks passing by it against the ground. The problem is that this dents make some plastic go towards the belt and if they touch it they will damage the belt so it was time to remove the dents.

Other thing was the wheel connected to the motor seems a little more worn and even had a small bit of glass in it. So it was time to change it with the other back wheel. The bearings probably needed to be changed too but it will be done another time when I have new ones.

I took some measurements of the motor mount to eventually make a new one. If I change the wheel size and use a bigger wheel pulley I will need the capability to adjust the belt tension by moving the motor and the current motor mount does not have that possibility. This is part if my future plans when I start making some changes to the longboard.

The longboard was also cleaned, it had lots of dust in the wheels and some mud remains from the times that I went through wet ground. I always reduce my speed below walking speed to avoid spieling water all around the board and also avoid damaging the bearings.

After changing the back wheels, one problem I had was knowing how many turns I would need to give to the nut of the motor wheel. Since it’s connected to the motor I could not tell when I had given more turns than necessary and the first time I did give to many turns. I removed the nut and to know when it was enough I put a paper between the washer and the nut, when the paper started moving with the nut and was stuck between them it was time to stop.

This is it for now, hope you enjoyed the description and the photos. Let’s see if I also upload some videos for may YouTube channel soon.

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I just installed LEDs on my board and it looks amazing took 6 hours but I got it

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Also installed a battery indicator

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Nice modifications! Thank you for sharing. :slight_smile:

great job man !

Where did you connect the led strips?

The led strips are connected to the white controlling box which is powered using the battery :battery: I used a 24v to 12v transformer that cost 5$ on Amazon and connected that to the battery I’ll send a picture of the circuit board as soon as I can

Hi, many months have passed and no news about me riding the LecDec in this thread. I have been riding from time to time but with the cold and rain I don’t fancy going out.

This is a video from the last time I went riding since I couldn’t resist the opportunity of riding in open streets here in Lisbon. It was the inauguration of the new street configuration, they are trying to make them more eco friendly .

I hope you enjoy the video.

you can buy an extra pulley here: https://fr.aliexpress.com/item/Maytech-electric-skateboard-longboard-12mm-tooth-pully/32707276427.html?spm=a2g0w.search0302.4.2.vhHvRR

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I think it’s time to make an update about my LecDec electric longboard now that I have it for more than a year. With roughly 450 kms it still has all original components and never broke down, not even the belt.

I don’t know if I was lucky and if there are other Chinese electric longboard clones out there with the same kms and without problems. It still charges well and I can do about 17 kms if I don’t carve to hard. :slight_smile:

Do we have any other Chinese longboard clone owners in this forum that want to share some information about the status of their electric longboards after being used for some time?


Bons updates da prancha :wink:

You are so lucky :four_leaf_clover:! My board has died so many times already it’s like Frankenstein now so many different parts trying to keep it alive it has about 510 km and a already changed : The belt (13€) The ESC (65€) The On/Off switch x5 (it melts every time I go up a slight hill) (35€) Now I’m having another problem with the ESC I’m gonna have to change it soon or probably put a VESC or get a new board :sob:

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That’s pretty awesome, It still looks very clean! Btw that’s really a beautiful picture :hushed:

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Hi, how about your battery? Is still going strong? I need a new battery for my LecDec longboard and I want to know where I can find one. Many thanks if someone can provide some hint.

Hello I have same board, and did u finde battery for him?!?