Lectric LS | Dual Hub Motors | Available for preorder

Hey guys,

I know Lectric doesn’t’ have the best reputation in the eboard scene especially with their first generation, re-branded Chinese boards. However, they’ve presented a new board(Lectric LS) which claims to be designed and built at their headquarters in the US.Currently open for pre-order and they’re also offering an additional discount code…this board looks more solid than the typical Koowheel/Genesis boards…thoughts? At $474, this thing caught my attention.

Specs (I’m taking these with a grain of salt): 23 Mph Top Speed

Up to a 15-18 Mile Range

Dual Hub Motor Design

Eco and Ludicrous Riding Modes

Reverse Capabilities

300 watts of power in each motor, 600 watts total

13 lbs

36 Inch Canadian Maple Deck

80 mm wheels with 77aa

20% Hill Climb


a year or two ago, I was interested in Melon Board, then I more interested in Lectric Longboard because it had a $400 pre-order price. But upon researching the company I found the following business plan. It looked like the founder of Lectric and Melon both did something similar, they were college students that entered into some sort of business planning competition and their sales pitch is getting Chinese esk8s for a low group buy price and selling it for a profit(nothing wrong with that). But I was skeptical and decided not to purchase it. It was funny how they kept saying they designed the board on their instagram comments. I wonder if they really designed this one…everyone’s gotta start somewhere.

Just noticed that this new board is paired with a “Winning” remote. scary.


The board designed to dominate the market is here

that’s some serious balls here !


Might no be a koolwheel or a genesis, but it look like a rebrand generic product like this one (look at how the truck are assemble):



I’ll admit that I chuckled at this as well

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Can’t download the file for some reason but i take your word for it. Some investigating skills you have there lol.

I pre-ordered but now I’m getting the feeling it was silly. I’m just funding the chinese parts they will order.

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TBH (not sure if there is any evidence of this) I think kick pushing generates more than 300w of power. Modern 6354’s produce over 1500 each…

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If you have money to burn like that…

They definitely bit off the arbor Vugenhausen deck. My first thought though was OP is two days old and is trolling

The part that I dont understand about these cheap hub motor boards is that even the Genesi boards are able to get people up to speed with only 250 watt motors… so maybe it’s possible with only 300 watt dual motors?

Maybe if you took the time to read through my post history then you’d see that I’m really in the market for my first board and are just weighing options. No matter what type of forum you join, there’s always negative nancies that pop up out of nowhere.

Def no money to burn but i’m trying to weigh my options. I just see this as my first eboard to tool around with during the summer until I can justify a boosted or something equivalent.

This is a diy builders forum. Just wonder why people that want to buy a deck and not build a deck are here. That’s all. Not negative but there’s a reason why this forum makes you spend time in it before your trust level goes up. Even the builders sell completes though I get it.

I get that 100%… but this forum also has a “pre built board” thread so I would think that this was okay to bring up… maybe not??? Im trying to ease my way into building something one day, i suppose I joined this forum a tad bit too soon :laughing: :slight_frown:

I’ve actually considered a built board from another member but naturally I have my reservations from something that was built out of a garage without any type of warranty. Still considering it though.

Nope totally my bad lol. Was looking under the latest posts and didn’t realize what headed your post. Sorry. Read bro and build cuz you will have issues with whatever you buy but if you built it, you can also fix it. :smile: plus the look on people’s face when you tell them you built it is priceless lol

I’ll continue to do my research and read up. Theres just so many options and parts to think about, it’s a bit intimidating for noobs lol.

It’s not as hard as people make it out to be @eddiekphoto … you can make it cheap and simple … or expensive and complicated as you want.

I guess we DIYers need to get over the fact that these products do exist and won’t stop. It’s tough to give an objective answer weather this product is good or bad. We’ll always say bad. It’s sometimes hard to squeak out an acknowledgement to boosted and evolve with this crew… That being said on products such as these you’re kinda stuck relaying on YouTube videos and stuff …end even then…you really don’t know the reliability of it…because that person hasn’t done an follow up video.

Here we ride a lot. Yeah, some of us use it as the “last mile” solution…but all of us shred electric. Some of these guys average 25mph or more on a ride. Do that for 15mins straight…

So, we kinda know what stuff fails…their last version had esc issues, braking issues and motor issues I think. Did they sort them out?

As for their claims … we’ve seen them fall short by a mile …why would it be any different?


Not sure but this looks alot like the nano remote which is known to have connection issues! and there is no mention of battery specs…the bottom of the deck isn’t even shown :sob:

Haha glad you pointed that out since I had no idea about those particular remotes had issues. You guys are surely doing a good job of convincing me to lean towards a DIY board first time around.