LeftOverz || Quest Pintail || 5065 || 4s 10ah 150Whr Lipo ~SLIMMED~ || X-car 120A || Quantum || 3d printed clamp/mount

As the title implies I built this with “left over”/ Sale parts as a low speed, light weight cruiser that I can let friends ride without having to tell them not to pull the trigger all the way…

Battery is a single 4s 10000mah multistar pack, it was really cheap on sale. with enough power to get hopefully 8 miles…

The mount is hybrid, printed clamp (PETG) single part and a spare motor plate (tb v2).

The motor I got off here, it said 200kv, but got 12-14mph on kegels so i think its more of a 270kv? its an old diy 5065 @torqueboards is that a wye termination?

final drive will be 16/36t on 97mm flywheel clones for a topspeed of 13-15mph. ego type speed. 6s should get to 17-19mph…

not bad for < $350 total.

will need to update the mount with a thicker printed version or go aluminum.

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Let us know how the clamp holds up, what material was used?

it felt surprisingly solid on the test ride but that was just a quick mile loop on flat. its petg 15% fill i think. 12mm thick.

going to try 50% and 16mm next.

i thought the x-car 120A only supported 2S? how did you get it to work with 4S?

@sgtmasterpig It supports up to 6s :blush:

oh yeah looked it up and was looking at the wrong ESC. How reliable is this ESC, looking to put a 5Ah 6s battery and 245kv SK3 6364 motor with this ESC.

I got all of those parts, however I can’t tell you yet, as I am still waiting for my mechanical stuff and my remote. The only thing I can tell you is that there is nothing pre soldered to the esc and the fan is quite noisy when in use.

i’m spoiled from riding my big build with a vesc and 12s,

the braking noise on this esc is horrible! so it sits in a box…it does pull really nice. and brakes work but are a bit sudden even with the led programming card

the fvt version might be better…vesc still wins…

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I will go with vesc once I upgrade to 8/10s. Should have gone with it right away but was to afraid of accidentally burning it out.

vescs are not that fragile…you just need more time to set it up but its worth it.

and 12s is more fun! :sweat_smile:

I can’t even imagine what 12 s would feel like. Isn’t it kind of scary? :cold_sweat:

yes, yes it is! lol

but after enough riding 20mph really does feel normal…25+ in LA traffic gets scary again :smirk: mostly I like the torque 12s has for up hill at 20. and on flat you can get to the speed you want to be at almost instantly.

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