Legit DIY Onewheel XR GUIDE

Just chucked the order in man, can’t wait to start, just watched your latest video and looks awesome

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new video out, hope u guys enjoy it

Any chance you could send me the stl files please

sure, send me an email so i can send the files to u [email protected]


Hey Enginir, are you still working on this project? I’m interested in building one myself, but your website is down :frowning:

search for floatwheel. project is active at floatwheel.com, elsewhere on the web, and on discord.

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Some more news about them here

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I am slightly wary that they could run an exit scam because of the bitcoin payment method. How do you feel we could faithfully grow a company like this?

Offering only bitcoin as a payment method will certainly hurt their conversion rates!

Most consumers are willing to put faith in online retailers and make a purchase as they know they have some consumer protections e.g. can do a chargeback within 90days of purchase, etc.

I think if you remove that reassurance, most consumers will hold onto their cash or purchase elsewhere unless they have faith the seller will deliver. Are there any reports that suggest this seller doesn’t deliver?

We all must give the benefit of the doubt for this seller, there is a chance this guy simply cannot get approved for doing credit card transactions, it can be tricky setting up an online store and bank accounts.

Bitcoin payments are much easier to process & nobody can ever take the money away from you which is great if you are a small online business trying to startup… It’s not uncommon for folks to get their products then do a chargeback & get their money back too…

In any case, Bitcoin is going to be a part of online commerce for sure… But maybe there will have to be some mechanism, such as a virtual contract, that holds the bitcoin in escrow until goods received.

I think Ethereum is trying to make something like a crypto-contract.

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something along the lines as company insurance/assurance

running and exit scam on their bank account that may be using a false identity.

wonder if that happened to you.

It’s more likely that Future Motion’s legal department (probably 80% of the entire company) sent them a bitch-slap in the mail, to attempt to stifle innovation and consumer choices.

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Yeah right!.. that makes sense, I do recall them having a patent on one wheels balance machines…

Maybe float wheels needs to have two motors & wheels.

been undefended to trotter for the last while besides the point of prior art…

We will find out. I ordered the balance pro Gold and Batteries from them. I have not received any shipping info and sent their support two emails one just now and one on last Thursday but had no response. We will see but I am going to post on every forum or place I can find.

Fungineers have been nice but I paid for their tramp, rails, and Stompie. I got the stop mpg and rails but no tramp. Their timeline keeps getting pushed back. I appreciate that they want to give the best product.

I am just disappointed. I really want a one wheel and am trying to get it done. My 3D printer is “industrial grade” but quits between a third and a half of the print. I thought it was getting clogged so I replaced nozzle after nozzle to unclog. Then saw that the temp showed 1000c so the heat would stop on the hot end. I replaced thermometer three times, but know it’s not that because it shows that it is 550c when I first turn it on.

I love engineering things but I am having a hard time with trying to get these parts and definitely can’t afford a OneWheel. I just got out of the hospital again. When you have Chronic Pancreatitis and Sarcoidosis with heavy lung involvement you don’t get to spend $$ on One wheels lol. I really hope float is legit other than printing the parts I think those are the last parts I need to finish my build off or start testing it anyway.

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They are out of stock and will not bother emailing you to tell you. sorry, a bit like @onloop and @torqueboards have operated in the past but you have 0 guarantee of delivery or refund. Well that was the case with enertion but I digress.

Troll out! :boom: Poof