Lehner motors (non china made)

Anyone heard of these? Looking for a motor for a new build and i am trying to avoid China parts. https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?1518873-LEHNER-OUTRUNNER-TORQstar-at-last

starting at 850€ on their website, oh well :smile: Makes even the original VESC 6 Price pale against the motor :laughing:

They have a 7050 motor you can have wound anywhere from 34 to 344 kv with a 12mm axle for only €989.00

Thats a steal dude where can i get 20 of them?

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Why avoid china? Only avoid cheap shit and search for some with decent QC

That’s so cool. The compressed coil windings, they have in an 83mm diameter motor the power you’d normally get from over 100mm motor! That would be great if they made these for Esk8… Maybe a bit smaller and cheaper though, lol.

If you want to explore European motor manufacturers, there are plenty of them to chose…




I live walking distance to http://neumotors.com/

For a couple hundred these industrial quality motors can be yours :smiley: (maybe a little overkill)


4x focbox= 600 4x6374 =400 Thats those 900e right there Pretty sure it will outpower that motor with 10℅ throttle

You forgot Kontronik

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Lol, ok well I wasn’t planning on getting one I’m going with @hummie 4WD hubs, I was commenting on the article. If you read it, you’d know what I was just making a comment on.

Dem 8019 sick outrunners 7500w continuous rated deserve some love!

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Then you need a 7500w eac… And those usually have shit breaks or none

Off course, Kontronik!! :+1: So many of them. So many coming from the RC world. They are endless.

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Thanks for all the replies. Anyone know more about the neumotors and batteries? They are right here in San Diego…