LEIFTECH LEIF eSnowboard Electric Skateboard 87 cm MINT Extended Range Battery & FREE SHIPPING for sale on eBay

Offering a lightly used LEIFTECH board for sale on eBay


100% positive seller/buyer rating since 2002.

Copy and paste of the eBay listing:

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This is an auction for an electric skateboard made by Leif Tech to feel as if you were riding on actual snow.

Board was ridden for about 2 hours on concrete and never on dirt, sand, water or mud. Stored in a dry, non-moldy, non-smokey home. Performs quite well.

This is the 87cm length size.

This is known as the V2 (version 2).

By winning this auction and paying the seller you can expect to receive via free shipping everything shown in the photos (except for the tarp). To clarify what this is they are:

  • (1) Leiftech board, with included accessories such as the bindings, controller and power cables.
  • (1) Extended range battery (15 miles)
  • (2) Fuses for power supply
  • (2) Training risers (installed)
  • (4) Green LED lit wheels
  • (2) Manuals (board and power supply)

There are also a few extras not normally sold with the board that will be included. They are:

  • (4) Anodized countersunk aluminum washers (to hold the binding mounts more securely)
  • 12.5 inches of Dual Lock Reclosable Fastener / Velcro SJ3560 (for battery compartment)
  • 18.5 inches of Trim-Lok Edge Trim - PVC Plastic Edge Protector 5/8" Leg Length, Dual Gripping Fingers (for board edges)

Free shipping only to 48 contiguous states. Local pickup / agreed location exchange permitted in NYC.

Any questions? Feel free to ask. Will respond within 24 hours.



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