Let’s get some good Vibes going towards Ernesto

Damn! I Just saw the video. Sorry to hear this happened.

Wish you a fast recovery man! Good vibes from Lima

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Glad to know you’re okay @Kaly :beers:

Take this recovery item !


Take this recovery item!!! image


Speedy recovery @Kaly.


Thanks everyone for you love.

More than ever super glad for HELMETS and for all my mountain boarders please no bindings on public roads, if I would have been using bindings the story would’ve been totally different, the board end up totally under the car that could have been my legs.

Thanks guys


Glad your ok dude. Could have been a lot worse but heal up so you can get back to building awesome board

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Glad you are ok :+1:

Wish you a speedy recovery!
Once a guy run a stop sign and I could luckily jump off the board out of the way, he managed to run over my board twice. I hope the drivers insurance will take care of medical bills and damaged stuff.

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Weird man, on these NYC streets i just got mauled over by an electric bike delivery dude and also dislocated my shoulder last week.

Glad to hear you’re safe.

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Glad you are OK! Hoping you heal up quickly!

@Kaly Couldn’t believe it when i saw your video on Instagram. Hope you have a speedy recovery.

Never considered it before but i might think twice about riding bindings on roads after seeing this.

PS. so hyped to receive my kaly enclosures, keep up the great work :slight_smile:


@Kaly hey bro I heard on here and then seen your crash on FB bro im glad you are alright. I’ll leave bindings out of this Emtb build I’m doing no joke I’ma have to try something else. You build top of the line parts bro and I appreciate your attention to detail. The Esk8 community needs you man so quit playing chicken with cars and trucks in the future.

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Word Man, That is for sure :grinning:

Because my body don’t seems to handle the asphalt body slam as well as it used to, maybe age or asphalt :thinking:

Once again thanks everyone for your good vibes.


Speedy recovery dude. There are some crazy ass people out there, at least you walked away still alive.

@Kaly yeah getting old fckn hurts. Can’t stretch without pulling a muscle these days lol

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Glad you’re OK. Good point about not using bindings in traffic. Could have made this relatively minor accident a devastating tragedy.


Glad to hear you’re ok dude

Mel Gibson has a really cool way of popping a shoulder back into place, chicks dig it

Oh Lethal weapon style I’ll pass :rofl:

But Rene Russo can come by. All time crush.

Edit: This references shows the age :blush:


I think they keep making the asphalt harder :wink:

Glad to see you made it through that brother! I wish you a speedy recovery and peace of mind for your family.


Hey bro, hang in there and rest up. I will see you friday!!!