Let's do something fun. Let's make a story

Once upon a time there was a skater. He got tired of pushing so he did some brainstorming.


He started his brainstorming session the same way he always did; listening to De La Soul’s debut album 3 feet high and rising, whist scratching his faithful puppies ears.


While scratching those ears he glared into those puppy’s eyes and thought, “Wouldn’t it be fun to go for a ride with his new bestie”.


The skater, whose real name was Skatan lassoed his puppy Clifford and went for a skate session. Clifford was not pulling him as fast as he imagined so he decided to give his buddy Damon a call. Damon suggested dyeing Clifford’s fur red which would result in a 20% increase in speed.


Later, he figured out that feeding Clifford lithium in his food increased his speed by a further 5%


Skatan thought…darn…what else can we do to boost performance and efficiency. He thought long and hard…and then he had the brilliant idea of strapping a winged aluminum heatsink on Clifford’s back…that would surely help with the heat transfer.


While that helped to dissipate some of the excess heat, the weight of the heatsink was taking a toll on Clifford’s bones™ and his tender paws were starting to chunk and wear unevenly.

Skatan talked his buddy @Alphamail into making some custom urethane paw protectors for Clifford.


But even though urethane seemed like such a good solution, and even more so after that chat with Alphamail, the master of urethane blends, Skatan knew that this wasn’t the answer. This wasn’t what would make Clifford that speedy and happy little puppy he always wanted to be.

Maybe it was the buzzing from the hummingbirds, or maybe it was the smell of fresh spring air that gave him the idea. We’ll never know, and neither did he. But right there and then, it came to him, like a wave of light.

And as if something had taken control over his body and his whole functioning, he yelled out; SPRINGS!!!


…meanwhile, Skatan, who was cruising thru gatorland, had a sudden revelation: he’ll drop the dough so can Clifford could ride the witch, one of them cheap affordable rides Clifford always wanted to slide into the sunset.

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All of a sudden a gorgeous storm started unfurling and a misterious figure appeared in the distance.

An ominous silence took over…


Skatan was feeling uneasy as the misterious figure was walking towards him… What’s that??? That dark man was carrying something in his arm. Is it an axe??? Clifford was ready to run. His red fur was burning. His urethane paws were getting a grip to jump. They were ready… Not a step back…Not even to gain momentum… WHO THE F… Oh. … it is you!!! :slight_smile: His old school Earl jerkovsky was there with a meepo in his hand. Wanna go for a ride skatan? :wink:

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