Lets ride Vienna!

salutation riders!

got a chance to hangout with @lowbudgetguy yesterday :slight_smile: I gotta say, his dual hubs are freakin ninjas! could´nt hear em. my chain drive sounded more like a turbine especially when accelerating - lowbudgetguy said he liked how it sounded :laughing: yep, me too buddy…me too.

here´s a short clip 360° VR of our epic ride :rofl:. enjoy!

@rich hope you get your motor soon and get your board working again! we´ll organize another meet and ride!



Looking forward to join the group and to finish another street/AT build so I should always have at least 1 running board :wink:.

Are 2 people a group or is it a pair ride? :thinking::rofl:

loool…I had the exact same thought and I even have it on video :rofl:o

yeah man, get your ride done ! winter is coming !

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vienna is a beautiful city, wish i could join you all…

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yeah, its a nice city. esk8ing isnt “outlawed” yet (well it isnt legal either - were just beeing tolerated for now as no negative headlines hit the news so far) . i’m seeing more and more people on esk8s though so i guess its just a matter of time until we get noticed by the “law”. things tend to get over regulated here…specially when its fun.

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I have to agree with @slick I´m living on the outskirts of Vienna and things really tend to get over-regulated :smile:

where at? you need to come to the next meet and ride! its nice to know there are more esk8ers near :grinning:

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I´m going to re-build my board within the next few days but I live in Mödling :smiley:

hurry up with your build - we need at least one epic group ride before the season ends!

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Yes ok :smiley: One thing tho. I´m only 14 years old so I hope that’s not a problem

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If it’s not a problem that I’m 40 then no :rofl: Haha I sold you my Paris trucks, does that mean I gonna see them again one day?

I’m trying to finish my urban carver within the next days which I’m building since 18 months :laughing:

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No sorry, I used caliber clones instead :smile:

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@rich I don’t have a problem with your age :smile: :smile:

so wurst :smile: luckily the only things that matter are your skills on a board and your hardware.

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summer is gone - let´s have one last ride !

who wants to meet on saturday 8 september 13:30 !?!

  • start: milleniumcity u6 / sbahn - donauinsel
  • halftime break at barbados inseltreff for a drink etc.
  • then back to milleniumcity

distance is 12km. LETS RIDE!!! :sunglasses:

Only snow and salt can stop me from riding :laughing:

I’m there, looking forward for the group ride.

well lets hope it does not start snowing :smile:

I also invited a friend of a friend who rides a boosted board but i don´t know if he´ll come to ride (don´t know him personally)

I always wanted to race a boosted board and see if the range holds true to what they claim. so 7miles/ ca. 11km if its a gen 1 boosted (which if true he´ll be pushing for a km)

edit whats the top speed on a gen1 boosted?

any other riders from vienna we can invite?

I´m not 100% sure but maybe I can join the group ride. :smiley: I just finished building my board :slight_smile:

it´s gonna be sunny tommorow. perfect weather! be great to see more people! i´m there for sure.

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@rich and I ran into two other guys with esk8s yesterday - one had an evolve and the other had a loaded deck with a mellow drive. turned out to be a group ride after all :smile:

btw. rich - theres a short clip of you riding through grass at around sec.30