Let's talk about LiPos and Li-ions

Li-ion ( and it’s derivates ) vs LiPo, the never dying topic. Let’s talk about pros and cons of those technologies and which brands are good for esk8.


  • much longer lifespan than LiPo
  • much safer than LiPo
  • more robust
  • limited shapes & uneffective space usage ( cylinder )
  • high internal resistance ( = higher voltage drop )
  • rated at much less current
  • price

The problem with higher internal resistance can be easily solved by using bigger packs, which is quite easy on eMTB, but can get really tricky on standard boards with bottom-mounted enclosers.

This technology is great for cruisers that don’t require a lot of current ( riding mostly on flats ) or eMTBs ( can have huge batteries ).

Use only high-discharge cell like Samsung 25R, LG HG2, A123 etc.


  • low internal resistance ( = very small voltage drop )
  • can handle huge currents even in a small package for compact builds
  • easier to work with ( you don’t need spot welder etc. )
  • price
  • many shapes to suit your build
  • not that safe
  • much shorter lifespan compared to Li-ions

LiPos can be really useful when you are building a board that will climb hills / go crazy fast ( = lot of amps drawed ), but don’t have enough space for huge li-ion packs ( like you have on eMTB boards ). Can also help a lot if someone is on budget.

DO NOT use MULTISTAR batteries, they suck! Yeah, I know, they are cheap and nice on paper rated at 10C, but in reality, they are more like 5C! So unless you have huge pack ( like 16 or 20Ah ), they DO SUCK. Those are for low-current applications ( higher capacity per size, but also higher internal resistance ).

What is your opinion? Which chemistry do you prefer and why?


i do agree, multistars aren’t the best, i have 2x 6s, and 1 cell in each pack seems to be dying slowly