Lets Talk: Plugs

A noticeable distinction I’ve seen between DIY builds and a few Production Boards are Plugs. Boosted for example, uses these plugs in their boards. The Pulseboard Echo uses these.

Why does the DIY community prefer Bullet Plugs over nicer looking and seemingly waterproof plugs like these? If we were to pick a plug and standardized it for the industry we could have swappable drive trains for days (all that would need changing is VESC settings via Bluetooth via modes!) Thoughts?

(Please be gentle, I’m a newbie)

Why, because they are better…for the most part. Its easier to solder bullet connectors and XT90’s than most other plugs, plus they are tough as nails.

Carvon is using the 2nd plug you mentioned, these…

@Jc06505n Another reason is that DIY boards are a LOT more powerful than most production boards, and those plugs just can’t handle the current. My last build was running 80 amps from the battery, 40 into each vesc, and 80 out to each motor.

My next (ebike) build is going to have 100 battery amps and 250 motor amps.

Find me a waterproof plug rated for >80 amps that isn’t the size of a red bull can and I’ll use it.