Lets talk Raptor Hubs please

With Jason dropping multiple hints that the Raptor drivetrain is going to be available on cyber Monday I’m keen to get an understanding of the history of these bad boys.

I’m a relative newcomer to DIY but practically every image I have seen on a Raptor includes chunked to hell worn wheels that I personally wouldn’t attempt to ride.

What’s changed if anything? @onloop are these coming equipped with the “best” formula with the new motors? You’re not going to dump old stock on us hopefully? Is there a limit to how many you would sell and are they on the shelf now?

What about heat, I know its been discussed in the past but is there a real heat issue with these motors?

I’m really interested in buying a set, this post is to validate that possibility, not pick faults in the product. I’m hoping that will happen here.


If these are new new hubs, they have copper heat pipes, the axles are part of the hub, urethane is upgraded, there is better and bigger contact between motor & hanger.

Go to 4min mark


On vesc tool the measured resistance of these hubs are 44-48mhom which is pretty good even compared to outrunners of the same kv but for some reason they heat up like crazy even with no load. I’m thinking maybe the steel laminations are bad or something causing the excess heat… also there’s no extra friction from any part I can tell. They can heat up 10 degrees drawing 80 amps for like 2 seconds… might be a dud motor for me but both of mine gets from 25 to 85 degrees in under 3km every single time

Good question. This happened with the fire sale wheels, but no one knew until wheels were already sold. To be fair, I don’t know what percentage of those wheels were actually bad.

What kind of speed can be expected with these hubs :nerd_face:

In the video he says that the power is the same, just everything is more efficient and stronger. So speed should be the same as Raptor 2, of course if you do 13s, it is going to be faster

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Is this the newer heat pipe version?

I thought 50km\h with 10s

That’s only about 3x a sk3 6374 192 Kv motor. That’s pretty amazing for a hub motor, all else equal I would have expected it to be around 130mOhm.

Hubs will always heat up more, but Enertion seems to be trying lots of new ideas to dissipate and endure the heat.

what’s the kv/tire diameter?

The current silver ones, I’m sending them back to be checked

I’ve ran them at no load for 5 minutes and went from 30ish to 65 degrees Celsius. On vesc tool average amp draw was 0.1-0.2 amps at 40v

Good thread. I would like a set if they are the new and improved sets

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It was a risk ordering them…they were open when I talked to them on customer service that they really had no clue what the percentage was. I ordered 2 sets and have one of them on now and they seem to be fine.

The newest wheels were perfect from what I saw at first. It seems like they have cleared up their urethane issues.


That’s surprisingly hot! Theoretically, that shouldn’t be possible, 0.05 ohm * 0.15 A * 0.15 A = 0.001 watt of heat, even with 10x higher winding resistance, it shouldn’t be heating up meaningfully at all. What am I missing here?

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I am sure carvons get even more heat, well at least mine do

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I have a pile of these hubs (there are more in my closet) including the newest version on my R2. Probably the worst purchase I’ve ever made. I’ve had the board for over a year now and the board in total has been sitting broken for basically a year with only about 200 miles riden between two R2’s I’ve owned. The only problems I’ve had are with these hubs getting hot, tweaking out, making weird noises, bearing issues, ect… This is just my experience. But I’ve had a ton of people contact me with the same issues. Good luck guys.

P.S- I totally forgot to mention that I only have around 10 miles on the latest version hubs due to shitty weather. I’m giving them a chance before my final call on these hubs. :slight_smile:



Exactly! I have no idea what is causing the heat at all

These all got sent to you for free under warranty?

There is a very good chance there is nothing wrong with these motors, hub motors do need to be carefully setup and most people struggle to get them running well.

We actually found a problem with firmware that solved most issues.

We also have a solid warranty on our products, we also have a global network of repair agents that can help when your not able to get things working properly.


I do admit, we didn’t design these motors to run cold at full RPM in a static no load test. They will get hot for sure when you do that.

Same as your car will heat up if you lift it off the ground & run it at full RPM.