Level 12s...unlocked! Next level

Finally got around to installing this 12s4p i recently built and like holy wow! I though going dual drive 6355 was great on my 10s but this was next level. Im sure its a combo of both the added volts and amps as I was only pushing 40amps before on my 10s and now 60 with this 30q…

but the top end finally had me holding back…for now… i guess i was at 80ish % trigger pull

rocking 29mph no biggie before and gps said 31 max today with a few extra mph to be had =)

Im more excited now to test these cheepo 6374s in the coming weeks.

I will say…that i dont know how anyone could say 12s is toooo much power… which if heard and read a bit in my travels

I think this chris rock skit about women, men and relationships summarizes my life with these upgrades… we cant go backwards!


having ridden both, I will say there are some 10s builds that are scarier than 12s. Mostly because of the gearing, and different setup like 4wd. but ya dual 6355 on 12s4p can be intense. :grin:


yeah im at 2:1 which is great cuz i like speed and def not missing any bottom end currently.

those 30q, i wanna get like 300 of em :crazy_face: and sit and make packs till i fall over


I have a 2:1 build on 97s with 12s5p and 170kv 6374s. I was shocked at how much torque it has…


yeah the 6374s are unsesored but at 170kv vs my 190kv 6355s… so i expect a slightly lower top speed due to kv but a lil more torque… regardless… i plan on owning some cars an peeps…

New too speed naturally… And there was still more left! I started getting a weird wobble as I got close to the top… Didnt.feel like a speed wobble but more like some minor inbalance as the motors got close to max rpm…will have to look for anything under the board.Capture%20_2018-09-15-13-29-20

I’m running 15/38T on my Evolve set up with 90mm wheels on a 12s4p with dual 6355 and it has crazy torque