LG HG2 10S4P Battery pack setup?

Hi Everyone. I have made this schematic to show how i plan to wire up my batteries.

The pack will be used to draw a absolut max of 60A. Its made into a 10S4P config, So each parrellel pack needs to draw 15A at most

I have bought some 10mm x 0.1mm Nickel wire. and i found through the linked video that the strip could supply around 3.5a-4A at optimal settings. So i thought that if i made the pack with 4 strips on top of each other in a pyramid shape i would get a max draw of 3.5 * 4 = 14-16A

So my question is does this schematic seem right? i plan on connecting the series connection through a 14AWG silicone wire

I would use 12 or 10 guage wires to be sure. 60 is massive amount of current if you can’t tell. Where are you using the nickel strips anyways? I would use 10mm x .15mm to be sure.

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No you are wrong 14AWG is more than enough for 60A. 14Awg can hold up to 55A at a standard 20C temperature. The wire can handle 105C so 20-25C is no problem at all.

I would also use .15mm strips but my spot welder can better handle 0.1

@GrecoMan have some :hot_pepper:‘s :smiley:

The schematic seems right if that’s all you are looking for. What’s more important is how you actually layout the cells in a pack. You wouldn’t want to lowball your electrical components. In addition, I wouldn’t recommend the pyramid layout on the sides since nickel on nickel doesn’t go so well and they can easily snap if the pack were to bend. :moyai:

Hi Im sorry you feel pissed of by my topics. I make topics to gain knowledge, which is a forums main objective in my book.

I just want to correct what you are saying. I will very much like to take advice from you all. But many times people comment on other things that i ask about. Yesterday i asked about which longboard deck to choose, it quickly changed to be about my ABS 3d printed motor mount. i did not ask for advice on that, so of courses i will deny it. If people could stay on the asked topic i would have gained the information i needed faster.

But you didnt ask about the deck, it says “I would like to hear your thoughts on my second ESK8 build. I have a last decision to make which you can read about in the end”

They gave you feedback on your mount, since you asked for thoughts about the built.

NO. YOU ARE WRONG. Go do some real testing and come back after.


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60a ratting is what I got from the web, the seller hobbyking and Wikipedia. So why is it wrong?

And if the schematic is wrong then don’t just answer no that does not help me at all

That schematic is correct, but the orientation is a little bit wierd

Please tell me what you think is wierd about the orientation :slight_smile:

Just the 4th parallel pack, maybe you are not going to have them connected in that configuration

Ahh okay, yeah i really dont know why i drew it that way but it will not be connected that way, it will be connected in 2 lines across the board.

Yes because hobbyking doesn’t exaggerate their numbers. EVER.

Did no-one ever teach you not to use Wikipedia as a source if you want to be taken seriously?

I am giving you the same courtesy, you gave others.


Tell me why should i trust you and not 2 independent sources?

I’m not. I said:


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Let me teach you how to use proper sources…

Source: Santa Clause.

Jk. Source: Handbook of Electronic Tables and Formulas for American Wire Gauge.

Source: Mil-Spec ETFE Insulated Electric Wire (MIL-W-22759/16)


Not even a thank you? Oh well. I proved my point. You figure out the rest. :joy:


Im still unsure its correct the internet seems to be filled with loads of diffrent opinions on the amp ratting. So i honerstly dont know anymore

dude @PXSS is speaking from REAL LIFE EXPERIENCE, not random wikipedia pages


Loooool. These are standards for engineering. Not something xXxBrony553 on 4chan/reddit came up with.