LG HG2 from GEARBEST.com ?Are they legit ? Crazy prices

Guys anyone ever got LG HG2 from GEARBEST ? Are they legit ?

Right now you can order LG HG2 in packs of 4 for 19.16$ which gives you 4.76$ a piece. Pretty crazy price. I am considering buying 36 cells for 12s3p. Just wondering if they are not fake or something ? http://www.gearbest.com/batteries/pp_242228.html

I did some pretty extensive research on this site, and ultimately decided I didn’t want to risk it. There are a number of very mixed experiences from them. fasttech is about the same, experience wise from what I’ve found.

@paragon said that the batteries he received were legit.

I’m wondering the same thing, price seems just way too good! There are folks who sell used Panasonic batteries for 6-7$ a piece!..

So, if somebody founds a source where someone has already ordered and tested them, that would be invaluable!

I’m interested in these:

Still about 15 days (18days total) left… So would be great to find out the truth sonner than that!

In the link I posted paragon said he was happy with the cells he got from gearbest.

Why do you like these Panasonics ? They have very low discharge rate .

I already got some other panasonic’s available. I do agree it would be better to go with 20A discharge, like the samsung 25R offers…