LG HG2 per cell $4.44 shipped, legit?

ran across this looking for some spare 18650s…

seems like a legit seller, and if legit cells this would make a pretty good deal.

screen capping since ebay links die fast:

You can get brand new HE2’s from imrbatteries for less + shipping

Also ships from texas

These are hg2, 3000mah, he2 are 2500mah

Your title says HE2 bro

o dammmm…corrected.

not much to lose if you use paypal. but if you get them, compare with this: https://batterybro.com/blogs/18650-wholesale-battery-reviews/104619270-can-you-identify-the-fake-lg-hg2-18650-battery

to check if they are the real deal.

Beware buying cells on eBay. They could be counterfeits. And you will find out when your board burst into flames. Better to buy from a know and reputable source like Liion wholesale.