LG MH1 Cells in 10s5p configuration for dual 6374 motor build


I suggested 30Q or HG2 cells, but I’m in a situation where the range(capacity) upgrade option that was offered to me for the battery pack was to use LG MH1 which have 3200mah capacity and a 10A continuous discharge rate.

In the 10s5p config it would be 36V x 50A = 1800Watts, when voltage drops to let’s say 32V I would be getting less.

Would this be a problem? I’m hoping that on large packs like 10s5p voltage sag is not as much of an issue, however it’s dual 6374 motors.

I’m not entirely sure how to determine if this is ok or not. Any help would be appreciated.


don’t do that.

Thanks for the reply. Can you elaborate on that please?

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