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LHB deck/6s/245kv/VESC/Bear trucks/83mm flywheels/#wood + fiberglass

This is the first board I am making for someone else. And with that, my goal is for it to be the best one yet :wink:

Here are some progress photos up until this point:

First was staining my deck from @longhairedboy adding a clear coat on top, and making it look pretty freakin sweet

started designing the enclosures. Make them out of fiberglass like on my Arbor pocket rocket build. split enclosure setup: Fiberglassing

Also at this time I soldered up the charging port. Let me know if anyone wants one…I’d be glad to sell you one for cheaper than they are found on ebay. I had to buy 5 as a minimum order, and am only using one. They are a pair of 9 pin connectors, all metal, and super easy to solder. Perfect for connecting the 7 balance wires and + - connections of a 6s lipo:

Adding an extra little touch to the back of the board… Yes, I know I could use a stencil, but I’m on a budget (this is for someone else, as I said before) and would rather just take the time with a razor blade and painters tape. Plus, I can make my own font :smile:

Maybe on my next board I’ll just use a stencil… or get fancy stickers like LHB.

After the finished fiberglass encosures (1 initial layer of fiberglass + resin, and then a second layer of fiberglass on the inside + 2 coats of resin. Total of 2 layers, 3x Resin)

And here is where I am at right now: -all the parts laid out roughly where they will sit. VESC, motor in the back, Anti Spark loop key in between the two enclosures (will be inset into the center of the deck), and finally the 6s 8,000mah lipo at the front.

You may be wondering why I didn’t just go for 2x 3s batteries… Well, it’s because of two reasons:

  • the deck has a fair ammount of flex, and I knew it would have to be a slit enclosure design. with the two batteries, I would be forced to do one enclosure, I didn’t want to risk it on this deck.

  • I didn’t want an enclosure covering up this beatuful deck on the entire enderside, so I opted for something a little thicker rather than thinner and just really spread out. I think this just comes down to personal preference.

If you have any questions about the build, ask away!!


awesome work!.. your logo needs a bit of work though! :smile:

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agreed… first attempt at it though; haha LHB has got it down!

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what a sick build! I’m really looking forward to watching this happen. i love the shape of the battery box.

had to make something thicker because the battery is like 49mm tall.

It’s kinda a futuristic look with all the angles, which helps to take away from it being so tall. I think it’s come out quite nicely!

I think you could have shaved a little height out of the battery box if you had laid the battery flat no? I agree that all of the angles at play make it look slimmer. The build is looking great.

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It’s almost a square, with the two different height options being 50mm or 55mm.

In the original layout pic it does look like the battery was taller than it was wide, but it actually was slightly wider than it was tall.

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this has me rethinking boxes in general. And its nice to see somebody else glassing boxes ON THE DECK. Its the only way to get the curves to match perfectly and its the perfect solution for one-offs and customs.

Next update!! Almost done with the board, and I have to say that I’m very pleased with how it turned out :laughing:

wiring up the charging port on the 6s 8,000mah battery:

adding some foam to keep that lipo nice and happy:

here you can see the sweet enclosure mounting screws @longhairedboy gave me with the deck (you can also buy them form his website)- the metal inserts are slightly countersunk so that the top lip doesn’t interfere with the griptape.

griptaping this bad boy!

and now just some pics with crappy lighting inside my house… this is a 90% done board that just needs to have the VESC settings slightly altered, and some final touch ups with thread locker and maybe some new truck mounting screws (one pair is longer than the rest by a smidge, and it annoys me). I’m also going to solidify the wiring situation…


looking good.
I quite like the logo… its raw. nothing like masking tape and a knife to bring out the rawness. everyone is lost these days in computer graphics and instagram.

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This is badass! Great work @cmatson @longhairedboy


This is a seriously sick build. Basically everything I imagined and wanted people doing with my decks.

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Looks awesome! Love the charging plug idea so much I had to go get one myself :stuck_out_tongue: have you thought about getting a waterproof cap for it?

yes, but since the rest of the board still isn’t waterproof, I just decided it wasn’t necessary.

Maybe I’ll do that if I seal all the electronics in the future, but for now, just don’t ride in the rain :wink:

Nice build! I think the “piece de resistance” would be a black 3d printed pulley cover. No?

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If I can get access to another 3d printer, I’d love to print a pulley cover.

Haha the problem is, I’ve 3D printed all this stuff on my shool’s 3D printer… They want everything to be “academic”, and printing the BadWolf enclosures and other eboard parts are kinda hard to explain when they want you printing things like 3D molecules of hydrogen bonds, or some other little school thing.

That said, I’ll try to see what I can do

If not, let me know. I have a couple for torqueboards mounts and can send you one. If you like.

Da da daaaaah the thread killer! :joy:

Don’t worry about it @mccloed,

Thanks for the offer though!