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LHB Electric Skateboard Components Enclosure Mounting Kit

How about a way to mount your box? This kit is flexible and can accommodate both custom molded ABS or Fiberglass/CF enclosures as well as your lunch containers!

What you get 10 M3 bolts in your choice of 10mm,12mm,14mm, or 16mm. Most decks will likely want 14mm or 16mm options but shorter ones are available just in case.

10 plastic washers that hopefully won’t scratch up that gorgeous box you made.

10 T-Nuts for wooden decks or Rivet Nuts for wood or composite decks. Rivet nuts are cleaner and look better but may require some epoxy or glue depending on how precisely you drill your bolt holes.

1 awesome LHB Fine Electric Skateboards logo sticker to slap somewhere on your ride.

I have a few in stock but i’m allowing backorders because the parts for these come in pretty quickly when i order them, so any delays will be minimal.

Order at my new shop!

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A living breathing site? Nice!

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It finally happened!

The site looks good. That mount is @psychotiller 's? I like the look of it. It is cool that you are selling his stuff too. You guys should make a special enclosure for that cool deck you are pressing. it should be pretty shallow since u have the channel on the deck right? GL with this business venture bro… i hope you do well.

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The curve on the bottom of my new deck is kind of tricky, so its going to need its own special box, and the design i have in mind might be a little longer than @psychotiller 's oven is wide. creating a vac form out of the box shape and deck is no issue though. But in regard to the channel, the curve is just deep enough to run a pair of 12awg wires between the deck and the space cell, so yes, you can use a more shallow box and still orient the space cell any way you want.

i basically have two options in front of me that i’m exploring: sculpt a form using the deck to create an inverse mold and fiberglass/cf my boxes -OR- sculpt a form using the deck, fill it with tiny strategically located holes and make a vac table out of it, build my own ABS oven, and vac form my own boxes.

my goal is to make only maybe 2 boxes. one for the space cell, and a taller one for lipos. both will be long enough to provide plenty of room for just about anything else you want in there, but battery height is something that demands at least some differentiation.