LHB/NGV Build and new speed records in the future!



The demon slayer is born !

So this is what he was teasing…:heart_eyes:

Wanna talk about speed record? I’ll show you what a speed record is once the winter is over


By the way, red light makes it hotter, not faster. Orange or blue light makes your board faster. The addition of the sword gives it +5 strength but -2Hp


I can have this sent back for a maximum speed of 96mph to ngv but I’m not ready for that yet

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It’s kick to start and i liked it on paper but irl it was a bit annoying

Videos of this moving or isn’t it just a wall hanger?

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No one is available to record me yet, i don’t have a GoPro so I’m just going to duck tape my iPhone to my chest and record, I’ll put that out and when I get someone to get me in action all post it

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Wheres the down force???

Believe me when I say, if your planning on taking your NGV over 40mph, have someone there.

WhAT HeRESY is THIS I see Before ME?!?! Blashpemer! HEretic!

Lets ask This guy what he thinks the fastest color is now:



Everyone knows the fastest vehicles have no lights. Well…they do but they are just stickers. :joy:

96 mph

Holy shit. I don’t think I’ve ever been in a car going that fast

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You’ve never been in my car…


come to a german Autobahn my friend where you can drive up to about 156,25 mph (250 km/h) - that´s the speed most cars here are regulated to :wink:

I’ve got an old civic that will hit 150 mph and it is stock, nothing special my friend.

I’ve been in cars that can go that speed (every car ever basically) but I’ve never actually gone that fast