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LHB | Psychotiller's Fully Adjustable Modular Electric Skateboard Motor Mount Now Available

Mounts so fresh they’ll slap your momma. Straight from SoCal, these fully adjustable, fully modular, fully reversible, fully bad ass looking mounts are machined from 6061 aluminum and fastened with stainless steel hardware. Fits Caliber IIs and can be mounted forward or rear facing on either side of the truck, so it should work just fine with any deck. Shown here mounted to an Enertion R-SPEC 6355.

Now available for the very reasonable price of $60 at your local internet.


I love this mount. I am curious how do you apply tension to the belt? Are the slots in the 4 holes of the motor mount big enough to apply adequate tension?

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Thank you @King1017,
Yup! The slots enable you to pull the motor back while you tighten the bolts. That is all you need to properly tension your belts. Using tools or mechanical spreaders pretty much always over tightens them.

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After much negotiation… My new price on mounts is $60.

Made in California. Better. If you don’t agree send 'em back for full refund.

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Looks good Psycho! might have to grab a pair to try out.

Powder coat, anodized, or paint?


Thanks @sl33py!
I used powdercoat. When tightened together it offers a locktight type grip between the clamp and the mount. And it doesn’t affect the aluminum.

Let me know and I’ll get you a set sent out!

Price has been dropped on my site to a permanent sale proce of just $60. Hell yeah.

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whats the damage on shipping to Australia on these things?

probably under $20. @psychotiller can give you an exact figure though. I don’t have the weight of the item handy in order to calculate USPS international.

that’s still pretty reasonable.

Cheapest shipping I could find just now was $50…I’m going to figure out a cheaper solution though.

@psychotiller nice new price! Makes this highly competitive!

i actually just got an order for those mounts. And some belts. I love to see paypal notifications!

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Just found this!
Priority Mail International® Window Flat Rate Envelope**More info about Priority Mail International® Window Flat Rate Envelope
Value of contents can not exceed $400.00
USPS-Produced Envelope: 10" x 5"
Maximum weight 4 pounds.
6 - 10 business days to many major markets

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sweet! That’s not too bad for half way around the world.

Back in stock!!! They are flat black now. Buy 5 get one free.

they’re back up on my site now too. Flat black! sounds sexy.

can it fit into my Gullwing dual pivotted SideWinder ?

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No…Unfortunately the shape of the sidewinder requires a weld fit. You could weld a round piece to the hanger though! Then you could bolt my motor mount to that and have the same great adjustability. Best of both worlds.

If you bought one of my mounts you could use the flex clamp as your pattern piece.

Beautiful mounts. Any chance of getting a pair of them with a truck clamp for the TKP Hex trucks? I like the Calibers but I like the TKP modular design so much better. Thanks