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LHB | Psychotiller's Fully Adjustable Modular Electric Skateboard Motor Mount Now Available

@Monk I have mounts for Hex TKP. product/single-bolt-on-motor-mount-with-drive-wheel-kit/

Hex TKP Trucks are awesome… Night and day difference.

I’m working on my Randal clamp right now. Torques got tkp covered. I will buy a set of tkps to check out!

Nothing against your mounts Tourque as they are obviously fine examples of engineering but I hope you don’t mind my preference for the minimalistic look of Phycotiller’s. Should he dicide he can’t do them you are my plan B for sure.

Not sure if you’re aware of this but one of the appealing features of the TKP Hex is that they are modular so for your clamp prototyping you coral actually just order a hex hangar.

@Monk - I most definitely agree… I’ve realized time and time again that all the bells and whistles I never actually use. I’ve actually worked on a new motor mount which is a lot more simple and much more durable.

@psychotiller - You should definitely test out the TKP trucks. They’re pretty awesome.

I wish this classic RKP trucks were more of a basic hanger to have much more room for adjustment.

Ok so with tax return money in hand I’m finally able to get started on my build. I will post images as I acquire the components. This board is to be used primarily as a commuter. Not looking for any blazing top speeds as I probably can’t run out anything faster than 10 -12mph. Not sure as I haven’t been on a board in almost three decades. I’m an avid cyclist so not in the worst shape for a middle aged man. I would like to have torque on hand when needed. Expected commute distance is 8 - 10 miles. And something very stable and able to handle the winter beaten streets here in Michigan. After much contemplation I have settled on a ThreeSix Top Mount board in silver with black grip tape applied, TKP Hex trucks in Black with the black 92a bushings and pivot cups, Spectra Bomber wheels, Space Cell, Vedder’s VESC, and hopefully Psycotiller’s mounts for the TKP’s. If not then Torque’s mounts in black. The theme is pretty much a black and silver throughout color scheme. Still looking at motors that will follow this scheme. I think I saw NLT? 50 - 60 270kV motors in that color. Hopefully two higher kV motors approaches the torque value of a single low kV motor. Pics to follow soon!

My apologies, that was intended for the Builds category.

Ok…I’ll start working on a clamp.

I hope my preferences didn’t come off as whining you into tackling the TPK’s. Hopefully I am one of many who have lobbied your talents for this setup. Please feel free to lie if necessary to ease my conscience. I hate to pile on but I’d like to ask your opinion on raw vs powder coated. If you’ve seen the TPK I’m referencing everything is black. Rather stealthy. Do you think raw hangers would lend a nice contrast? Is this possible? The motors I was looking at are the Propdrive 50-60 270kV and have a nice contrast themselves for my theme. I thought I saw something similar labeled NLT 50-60 but am unable to relocate as I failed to bookmark. The kV might have even been lower. (side note: I work on systems in the 225 -450kV range but not the kV as used here. I’m talking almost a half meV) I know I’m probably sounding divaish but I can see in my mind’s eye what I’d like. I’m humbled that your willing to help me achieve that vision.

I’ll have to take a peak at the RPK’s. I’m referencing the TPK’s from the standpoint of how much (or little) it is to get into a pair of them vs the price points of some of the “precision” trucks I’ve viewed. Given my intended use I am probably already overshooting my needs engineering wise. But you can’t shake cool if it’s not gonna break the bank. I am ecstatic that there are some of you out there lending your time to tackle these queries. I suspect we will be conversing when it’s time to employ the speed controller hardware aspect of my build and am thankful to have you as a resource.

RKP’s are nice too but the Hex TKP are a no brainer because of the ease of the hex hanger.

It’s worth spending on the trucks considering everything else we buy for eboards is pricey.

Thank you for putting my mind at ease on this very important aspect of the build. Much appreciated!

Hahaha! No not at all! I’m all about surf rodz trucks and I have ridden a few pair. Honestly I was so focused on getting my randal clamp made (which has become the bane of my existence) That it hadn’t even occured to me. I think if you’re going stealthy you should stick with the theme! This batch of mounts I have are flat black which will add contrast anyway. Or if you’d like before I do the powder coat on the tkp clamp, we can discuss a different finish?
I’m going to order my trucks tonight so that gives me joy :smirk:

@psychotiller I’m gonna wanna go with a 3:1 36:12 ratio. I know it’s not recommended to go lower than a 13 tooth pulley because of there not being enough messed teeth, so I’ve realized I would need an idler bearing. With your optional idlers would I be able to fit a 256 belt or which ever one normally comes with enertion kits.

What is enertions center to center distance? If it’s between 64mm-66mm then yes. If not, you’ll need a new belt.

@psychotiller From what I can tell it is. How would I factor in the idler to figure out the belt length?

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You have some adjustment space on my mount so you shouldn’t have to figure that out. You can also change the bearing size on my idler if you had to.
I may have to work out a formula, but I don’t think we need it.

Ok, when do you expect to have the Randal Truck adapters available?

I can only say soon. I’m waiting on the machine shop

Aww crap I ordered two of your mounts and totally overlooked requesting the with idlers. Can they be had separately?