LHB Scarlet in Orange and Blue | Dual Drive | 12S4P | Ollin Vescs | Enertion twin 190kv R-SPECS

That’s right! Orange and blue! So many cool things going on with this build. Its going to be my first two tone stain job and its something other than black, red, black on red, red on black, or white on black. When its finished i may have to take it to work with me to show some Gators fans.

Also the customer specifically asked for crushed SKYY Vodka glass on his build, so i bought a bottle and now i have a full fifth of SKYY vodka in an old Absolut Citron bottle sitting in the fridge. guess I’ll have to wait longer to make those liquor lamps i was saving those Absolut bottles for. And drink a lot of cocktails.

The obligatory skate porn will follow soon, but here’s a good start:

The bottle and raw deck basically says it all. This build is going to be interesting.

cut and sanded the deck this weekend. Here’s the cut before the first round of sanding:

Some video of me crushing a skyy vodka bottle in my home made glass smasher:

and also this weekend i started building the form for my hand-laid fiberglass boxes. I’ve got four boxes i have to make now, so i’m really trying to get this form finished. This is it laying on an uncut deck.

not yet shown: I’ve got the form cut down to size by removing the extra deck material not needed for the flanges and I coated it with resin. When its cured i’m going to sand it down smooth and it should be ready. I have some release agent coming in the mail and when that gets here, i’m going to be making boxes like a mad man.

This box will be The Box to end them all, its custom formed to my deck and is designed to hold up to 12S4P 18650 packs with twin vescs and everything else, so since that’s the maximum build i do now, it will also work with everything else i build. I’m also planning to make more than i need so that I can sell my decks WITH my boxes as an add on so the Scarlet platform will essentially be a complete product at that point, which is what i started out to do to begin with when i decided to make decks. Its 1.5" tall with an internal compartment width of 6.5" and length of 19.5" at the full height with an additional 2.5" of slope at either end in which you can cram a receiver or extra bec or lights or USB port or whatever you want to do. It takes full advantage of the 27" wheel base on my decks and provides a huge amount of space and i’m sure you’ll be able to fit a number of combinations of lipos or 18650s and anything else in there. Larger Lipo packs will have to be repacked for that height if you get the big ones, but that’s not difficult really. Repacking a lipo to fit a build better is sort of a right of passage on this forum anyway. Nothing gets the creative juices flowing like some arbitrary limitation, so here’s one to thrive in.

When i get a few of them made i’ll be selling them on their own with just a coat of primer so people can do whatever they want with them and my unfinished or channeled decks. I’ll also be selling fully customized decks with boxes to match and no internals or motors or anything.

more pics coming soon!


My Final Form. lol


I like all your projects man, for the simple reason that u make everything looks so easy and doable​:+1::+1::+1:

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Go Denver Broncos!! Put a big Broncos horse head on the top of it

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@longhairedboy how much does a build like this cost?

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I find it increasingly likely that I’ll have one of your decks someday. Huge fan of the thought, artistry, and attention to detail you put into each of your builds. If @onloop builds Lamborghini’s, you build Pagani’s.

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$1650 is what i’m charging for this. Its the most powerful build i do right now, dual drive 190kv on a 430wH 12S pack. I have them listed on my site which is how i get paid for them, but i want to do a customizer type app where you pick colors and shit as well as the drive train and battery options. Right now i just have a lengthy conversation with the costomer over email then send them to the order page then talk to them some more then build it.

I’ll accept that. I’ve been wondering what the exotic car analogy would be since Ford and Shelby just doesn’t fit that well. We’re both building exotics right now but i feel like Enertion is heading in the mass production direction where i’m staying firmly in the highly customized direction while sticking with his drive train until i no longer can, at which point i’ll find something as good or better. Always premium products though, i don’t cut corners and it does cost me some profit to do that and stay competitively priced, but reputation is everything.

One day you’re going to see Raptors on the shelf totally taking the market from just about everyone but me and Ollin and other boutique custom shops. Enertion is directly assaulting the more generalized esk8 consumer market and its going to seriously raise the bar for all of us once production issues are ironed out and things step up numbers wise. Meanwhile i’m staying on the bleeding fringe edge with custom battery packs and the absolute latest VESC firmware and i’m going to stay boutique. Eventually there will be a waiting list, and eventually I’ll raise my prices as i gradually build more and more ridiculous builds (14S anyone?) and as i find what people are willing to pay for these things while I can totally see Enertion lowering their prices while taking advantage of individual li-ion cell improvements to destroy their direct competition as they further penetrate the market. Its going to be very exciting to watch.

This is all my opinion of course. Anything could happen.


parts are arriving :slight_smile:

@onloop you should call Bones and see if they’ll make some Bones Blues esk8 rated bearings.


Them blue wheels are hot

This build was delayed due to a flawed 4amp charger that caught fire when i plugged it into the wall. I just got the replacement for that and the faulty BMS I had for another build, so now we’re back on track.

Got the pack built, its another 12S4P stacked up with hot glued and shrink wrapped Sammy INR18650-25Rs. Shown here with no mains attached, just dot-numbered balance leads hanging out of the end. This is basically how i build and store them until i’m ready to attach the BMS.

My wife says i need to put googly eyes on it because the balance leads look like hair. That sort of makes me want to make a battery pack character named Twelvis Forpy who can crack wise and ask dumb questions in all of my videos if i ever do videos. People keep asking me for videos. And for battery packs. I should do both.

Also, fabbed another one of my famous bondo boxes. Im hoping to hear back from that guy soon about making these for me. I’m getting really good at laying whole sheets of fabric at a time around somewhat sharp angles, but its still time consuming and gross. This would make a pretty good video for DIY people who don’t want to deal with vac pumps and just want to bust out a quick form and make a box in less than 5 hours.

Then it was time to line it up on the deck and start drilling those bolt holes:

I tape the box to the deck and drill through the box into the deck with a bit that is the appropriate size for the bolt, and i only go as deep as i want the rivet nut to sit. Then I remove the lid and take a larger bit to the small holes in the deck. the smaller holes serve as a guide for the larger bit and help it stay centered so that when the rivet nuts go in they are in the right position and line up with the holes in the box. Once i drop the rivet nuts in i use a pipe cleaner to drip epoxy into the hole around the rivet nut. I use the same epoxy here as i do in the wire channels because its serious stuff, and sort of makes more sense than using a special one just for this.

Once that epoxy is cured i can sand it down and stain the board, then it will be time to wire and fill the wire channels and add the blue glass grip from that SKYY vodka bottle I crushed for this job.

So it will probably work out like this: Orange stain on the bottom, the edges, and edges of the top, blue stain under the blue glass grit, and orange stain inside the wire channels. I also have some orange 12awg superworm that’s going in there to match. The box will also be orange, possibly with a blue stripe, i haven’t decided yet. And i might redo the motors’ phase leads with blue 12awg superworm if i have enough of it.

More to come!


What wheels are those? Tried googling and this was the closest I found but the color seems off: https://www.amazon.com/Longboard-Flywheels-Wheels-Bearings-Spacers/dp/B00IO5D5XW/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1466624341&sr=8-5&keywords=83+mm+flywheels Edit: pretty sure these are it http://www.ebay.com/itm/Blank-Pro-83mm-Multiple-Color-Longboard-Flywheels-ABEC-7-Bearing-Spacers-/281661805302?var=580665315828&hash=item41945a12f6:m:msaB0yhjtmfd8nlgsdm4kAA Have any thoughts on them yet?

Those are Pro Longboard Wheels from Everland who has a shop on Amazon. I also use thier hardware (truck bolts mostly) I’ve been using them for years and i love them. They come in a variety of colors and the ridiculous speeds that i have posted in my build threads here were all on those wheels. Some people feel like they’re cheap knockoffs. Those people haven’t ridden around on them for a couple of years and haven’t found that they provide a very smooth ride, resist chunking, and heal well from puncture wounds from nails and staples and other shit in the road. I have. They’re high quality clones in my opinion, and they’re legit.

They are not Flywheels though, they’re clones, obviously… but what that means for a builder is that an insert style wheel pully, for example from Evolve, designed specifically for ABEC 11s will not fit in the core of these without modification. However, Enertion’s insert pulleys will because Enertion is also running high quality clones and they’re the same exact dimensions and measurements as these.


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what would you say the duro is on these? I ordered some 90mm clones but they’re hard as a rock :confused:

the 83mm ones i use are 80a i believe. When i started buying these from them they had the duro listed but now it doesn’t seem to be.

fuhhh I think the 90mm ones I have are 80a. I guess it’s time to buy some shock absorbers!

OMG THIS BUILD. I finally finished it and i apologize for the lack of build posts during that but my god the drama.

First i’ll post some esk8 porn then i’ll go into how this particular build made me re-evaluate my entire business model.

To start off, i painted the box the wrong color. That was the first thing that sort of went wrong, but it gets better later on. This particular orange looks like an old basketball:

ITs terrible. So i found an orange at Lowe’s that matches the Fire Orange stain a lot better: Husqvarna Orange from Rustolium. Moving on.

So here is the deck while still in progress. First i got the wire channels done by @cmatson because this took place before i had my xcarve up and calibrated. I loaded up the channels with some orange stain and orange phase leads because orange.

I really like the way that the 105/207 looks but its very runny, so i came up with the idea of tape walls! Thay’re like walls, but tape! They keep the stuff from running everywhere which means a lot less waste. Also, its tape, so you don’t even really have to remove it before sanding, an orbital sander like i use will eat right through it along with the resin when levelling it with the wood.

After sanding down the resin and tape, i did the detail staining around the wire channels like i do with a little brush, then filled in the rest of the grip area with True Blue.

After that i filled in the rest of the orange along the edges with a 1/2 inch brush.

then i applied a new spar urethane I found that is not only water based which makes for super easy cleanup, but also UV resistant and rated for outdoor use and abuse and seems to be tough as shit. But most importantly, its glass clear. No subtle yellow tint. ITs still a Minwax product, a brand which i have grown to love, so you can get it locally. It loks in that SKYY Vodka glass very very well and its got a gloss to it that just sets that True Blue stain off like a jewel. I can’t describe how this looks in person, its like some kind of semi-irridescant metally/glassy/ sheen. its probably the most beautiful thing i’ve every created, despite being blue, and the sprinkles of blue glass over the orange channels just kind of drive the whole colored glass point home.

Before fully assembling for testing, i did that phase lead thing. I gave those motors blue leads to match the board’s wheels, grip, and bolts. The risers are more of a sky blue but i just couldn’t find a LUXE riser in that color, and i just really like LUXE risers for some reason. Maybe they speak to me somehow.

That’s not liquid on the bench next to the motors, that’s dried 105/207. The shit looks like bottled water just pooled on the bench. Hard to believe its seriously tough plastic sometimes.

So here’s the final portrait video on the bench:

Its absolutely gorgeous if i do say so myself and i’m really happy with how it turned out.

But fuck me if i’m not totally upside down on it. This board had literally everything that could go wrong with a build go wrong with it. So lets talk about that, shall we?

When the BMS and ebke charger arrived from battery supports, i opened up the charger box and plugged in the charger to make sure nothing funny was going on. I’m glad i did because it immediately caught on fire, so i had to replace it, and i’m still cludging my way through an RMA on that. But that’s just the beginning.

I got the whole box filled in with electronics and found that the vedder spark switch i ordered for this build was defective. So i got with the vendor and he said he found the whole batch to be defective and said he was going back to the old style spark switch and said he’d send me a new one of those. I said good, i need a couple more too, so i’ll go ahead and get those now. Three spark switches showed up. They all promptly failed into the ON position. I sent them back and have heard nothing from that vendor despitemy repeated attempts to see what’s up. I can see they were delivered.

But while i was sending those back, i decided to try a new BMS on BesTech’s site that popped up. A red 60 amp eswitch equipped BMS that would be absilutely perfect for my builds moving forward. here’s the guy right here:

Low profile, ideal length and width. Too bad the eswitch functionality didn’t work. They were all doa. All three of them would only power on while charging. At this point i was questioning my choices in life pretty hard. More RMA cludgery happening there as well.

Then i went back to my old BMS and was wiring it in hoping i could get a good spark switch somewhere eventually, and my nimble fingers dropped a wire in the wrong place and fried that one too because let me tell you, i’m not at all clumsey. So that one hit the bin as well. So what can i do besides steal the one out of the bin for my next customer and order some more along with all the chargers i need for those as well.

So then i finally found a spark switch that actually works in Miami. I got two of them and tested them both. They both not only power on, but they also power off as well. That’s a feature that i think is very important. The push buttons on them aren’t the greatest, i would advise replacing them with either a known good push button (you kind of have to feel the quality in those in your hand to know if its worth a damn and can take the vibrations) or a rocker.

The first box i made for this turned out complete crap also, so i had to do it over as well. Thank god somebody else is making my boxes now. I’m hoping to see the first batch this week.

So then the board was finally all together and my second in command and I took it and my own scarlet out on the street to test, me on this beast and him on my red scarlet. Immediately there were issues with the throttle. The whole arm over your head and losing signal thing, the whole delayed reaction to throttle and brake thing, it was a disaster of ridability. Turned out the receiver was total shit so i grabbed another one out of the box and paired the remote with it and viola: totally ridable board.

But wait, there’s more. I have six blue leds in those wire channels. They all tested out fine while building on the 5v power output for the slave VESC’s ppm port, then they all blew out when I finished the build. I couldn’t believe it. I let the customer know what was up and offered some options including drilling out the LEDs and replacing them, and ultimately we decided to just ship the board. So i stayed up late and packed that shit up.

Now I have three 100mm AT builds to finish on decks I haven’t completely ironed out yet and the absolute last build I’ll ever do on a third party deck, it’s an Arbor James Kelly Pro model build with otangs and a custom box.

I just ordered 200 cells from liionwholsale. I’m going to roll around in them when they get here.

I’m fuckin busy yall. And my prices are about to spike because after all this i’m broke. I really appreciate the support from the community during all this drama, and the advice i’ve received on pricing and warranties and all that form some of you. Some things are about to change here but what won’t change is the level of service and customizations i do for my peeps.


That’s one hell of a build story, but glad it all panned out in the end. You do need to raise prices, cuz you’re supposed to be making money here…not going broke. I believe @Nate is one of your customers for your AT builds. Can’t wait to see what you come up with.

This board is looking good.

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Ya dude, I think I’m gonna nickname that baby the Wrangler! Its gonna eat up all the wet roads around here for lunch and dinner. Can’t wait to see @longhairedboy get started on that build.

@Nate @Photorph those three AT builds are going to be very interesting to build. I have all the parts and cells coming, some things have arrived already. The deck design still needs some tweaking but i expect to have those cut out this weekend and hopefully on the xcarve for channeling as well.

Gunk proofing the boxes and their internals will be a challange to do in a manner that’s aesthetically pleasing but i expect what i learn from that development i will pass on to my street builds to make them even stronger all weather rides. Right now i tell people not to ride on wet pavement but with these three, that’s not an option. they’re also going to be in wet dirt i imagine, so i’m going to have to find a way to entomb the critical bits that can’t get wet moreso than i’m doing now with my plastic sheet seal. I’m also going to need some marine grade push buttons which i’ll likely start using on all my builds if i can find just the right ones.

At this point i’m telling myself these are the last AT builds i do because i want to focus on streets rods. But if they turn out to work well and can be a source of innovation for my street builds, then i may continue to do them. Also, they can go pretty much anywhere, which includes packed nature trails and all that so who knows. Maybe they’ll become a regular thing. It all depends on how these three turn out.

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