LHB Totally Bitchin' 190KVS 6355 - 10 motors available for sale


Comes with everything seen here. Ask your parent’s permission before purchasing.

I’m setting aside 10 of these guys for immediate sale to forum members. The other 10 are alotted for customer builds and long term wear and abuse testing on my own boards.

I’m selling these so I can buy 20 more and try to keep the goodness flowing. So far testing has yielded very positive results. If everything goes well I’ll add these to my site and attempt to keep some kind of stock.

SPECS: Format: 6355 brushless outrunner peak power output: 3520 watts (allegedly, we’ll find out the truth eventually i suppose) voltage: 2S - 12S. They handle 12S perfectly with no issues. KV: 190 Sensors: YES. 3 hall sensors keyway: YES. accepts keys up to 18mm. Red anodize: 20% performance boost over any other color

INCLUDES: motor, snap rings, VESC sensor adapter, and 16mm pulley key.

These are basically drop in replacements for R-SPECs so if you’re interested in upgrading your Gen 1 Raptor to sensored motors, this would be the way to do it. The total motor housing length seems to be about 2mm longer, but that can be adjusted for with the addition of a couple of speed rings and a slight repositioning of the motor mounts. That’s all it took to swap them out on my shop’s test boards.

Everything included here: $130 with free shipping

send the money, your name, and your street address to paypal at https://www.paypal.me/longhairedboy/130

and i will box that shit up and mail it like moms is on fire


Hello. I also posted something on your thread about getting a smooth start from a stand still but that may have been a bit premature. I am wondering where I can by this adapter. Sorry for taking this thread about off topic.

That’s exactly why i had to go back and hit them up for their adapters. When i got my motors in i realized the same thing, then i saw that they were bundling adapters with thier own VESCs because they ent me a free one to try out, so i got them to send me some.

I’ll bet if you hit them up they’ll send you a few. I may even go back for more now that i see there’s a need for them.

The adapter is to change the sensor cable family, on normal RC cars the sensor cables are JST ZH (1.5mm pitch), the vesc has a JST PH (2mm pitch). This adapter is just a cable, JST-SH to JST-PH.

it won’t make your motor sensored.

Im not sure I know what you mean here, I have a sensored motor I just need the adaptor to fit it to the VESC.

Do you think they would do this for free or would there be a charge with this? Seems to me I would have to buy something else.

you would have to pay for them of course, and they will try to upsell you by telling you some crap about shipping from china, but if you press them they’ll sell them to you.

You could also make your own using the parts @blasto mentioned.

Do you know how I would go about paying for them since it isn’t on their website for sale? Sorry if this is a stupid question but I have never bought from them before.

They like to send invoices by email and take paypal as payment. You’re going to have to have a conversation with them. Say hi to Jollin and Eileen for me :slight_smile:

It may be simpler to make your own

JST ZH male + JST PH Housing + lazy ass pre-crimped wires PH series

solder the other end of the pre crimped wire on the ZH pins… Bob’s your uncle


Ha! Will do, I will let you know how it goes.

Sweet info. You do not disappoint. Maybe i’ll make my own too.

Awesome, I might just do that to save myself the hassle. I am a bit confused though as I have not seen the “pre-crimped” wire before. Does it plug into the JST-PH slots? So in That case I would order 6 of them? Sorry again for any stupid questions.

Yep they just clip-in the PH housing. They are wonderful, I hate fussing with crimps.

The wires are singles, you would need 6 per connector. I ordered a fuckton, never know when you need a ph connector.

also come in the convenient 6" length ideal CAN bus model

Sweet! These look amazing. I will have to try it now, thanks!

OH NO! Just saw that they only ship to Canada. Any other places to buy these parts from off the top of your head?

Just change the country at the top of the page. Digikey is base in murica eh

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That’s kind of weird considering the manufacturer is JST Sales America, Inc.

Alright I feel like an idiot now :slight_smile:. Thanks though :joy:.

Same links, in freedom dollars

JST ZH male

JST PH housing

JST PH pre crimped 12"

JST PH pre-crimped 6"

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