LHB TRON style Witchblade AT commuter | 12S 430 Wh li-ion | dual diagonal SK3 | 100mm MBS wheels | Enertion drive train

Flynn reached out from his lovely home on the new free grid and asked me to build this for him:

Some of the pics show R-SPEC 6355s on there. It now has a pair of SK3s, per the customer’s request. I had the R-SPECs because there was originally some confusion as to weather it would be dual rear or dual diagonal, but we both much prefer the dual diag with SK3 motors. such delicious torque. Stand still starting is really smooth on those motors at that raitio on those wheels.

6374 149KV motors on a 14/36 ratio in 100mm MBS all terrain UNSTOPPABLE wheels. Inlaid EL wire. Fairings. Headlights. Tail lights that dim when you hit the accelerator. ITs also drilled for foot bindings which were explicitly asked for, but i prefer not to test with them or ship them installed, so they’re not bolted on in the pics.

Street testing has been very smooth, especially at night. The headlights are brighter than you would think for just three LEDs in the riser, and the EL just lights up beautifully.

I’m sealing up the box and phase lead connections at the truck for light rain and puddle splashing during commutes, and there’s this Corrosion X HD stuff they sent me that’s supposed to protect metal so i’m going to try it out on this build. Has anyone here ever treated bearings like Bones Reds with that kind of thing?


That looks awesome. I swear some of the builds on here are really inspiring. Love itt


I’ve been looking into that Corrosion X HD stuff for a little bit. The videos i’ve seen of people using this stuff is amazing. Not sure if you’ve seen this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s4z8QMgTEA4 but these guys are being crazy haphazard with this stuff and seems to be keeping their ESC’s, motors and batteries working when fully submerged in water. Crazy stuff.

Also, awesome build as always !

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You continue to push the envelope. Freakin awesome board! You have an incredible knack for incorporating cool themes into your builds.

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Just wow.

It’s good to see people reinventing these boards for their new intentions. Fairings, headlights, brake lights, beefy tires, water proofing…these are all things every commuter esk8 should have. Using conventional skateboard design/wisdom makes no sense, but this board makes sense.

Hope to see more companies follow suite and release more robust, traffic friendly (lights, beefy tires), rethought designs (handle, USB ports, accessories, etc.).

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I have said it before but this board is just so cool. I love seeing new shit. In this case the board has really been designed around the off road capabilities and it just looks sick. LoVE that you are able to create these things from customers ideas.

Don’t let your dreams be dreams!!! Yesterday you said tomorrow! Just… DO IT!!

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This is beautiful. I remember seeing this board on your Instagram. Any more information regarding those led risers and how to make them? I’m sure myself and others would love to be able to have lights that respond to the throttle.

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Nice. These crossover commuters are unique, not really off road boards but seems like they would handle some rough terrain just fine. Don’t think anyone else offers them in complete form yet currently besides you. The new integrated enclosures you mentioned in another thread will be awesome too! .

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so i did some more testing this weekend to see what Flynn’s board could handle. Dirt roads were fine, as expected. I have tested two other boards like this on dirt roads and they were great.

but grass?

These wheels are proving very versatile, although not as well equipped to handle off road as pneumatics, they seem to fit both street and off-street in general better than pneumatics when you consider how well they handle street and there’s no real battery life trade off because they’re urethane.

So i can appreciate the idea of foot bindings a little more now. Several times i leaned too far and could have not lost my balance had i been able to grip better.

I’m about to seal it up completely and figure out how to wet test it. Rainy season is over here, i regret not having it completed in time for Mathew because that was perfect testing weather. I guess i’ll find some sprinklers.


With your builds in mind, I need to start thinking how I get these MBS Wheels on some hub motors.

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