LHB Witchblade AT | 100mm MBS wheels | 190kv 6355 R-SPECs | VESC | 12S4P

This board I just finished up and tested features some custom artwork that was sent to me by the customer. That’s something i would like to start doing more of and I’m trying to figure out a way to make it easier on myself. I suspect the route I’ll go is by using that clear shelf covering stuff and a desktop die cutter like the Silhouette, but for now its all tape and razor magic on black and white line art printouts.

This board has plenty of startup power despite the 15/36 ratio on 100mm wheels. But that kind of rolling leverage on the pulleys makes the brakes a little squishy so that had to be tweaked but i think we’ve got it good for now.

This is a dual rear drive with 190KV R-SPECs, a 15/36 ratio, typical enertion/caliber drive setup, custom colors on the mounts, risers, and deck, glass grip on the surface, custom paint on the box and some crazy asian symbols that mean Warrior God along with a gaming clan logo.

I’m really growing to love these commuter crossovers. They’re basically the perfect all around commuter vehicle.

Obligatory esk8 porn:

those are my test wheels in the pic on the finished board. As you can see, i’m starting to wear them out a little, gradually turning them into street slicks.

This board was recently filmed as part of an episode of Power& that is about me and my builds and at some point in early 2017 3 to 5 million viewers will see this board accelerating quickly up a ~20% hill near my neighborhood. It was actually peeling out a little as i shifted my weight to brace for the acceleration during the shoot. There may even be some shots of the TRON board i built, but mostly i was riding the crazy black and yellow board i built for shop testing. I’ll post a link to that as soon as I have one to share. Hopefully it won’t be geo-locked to aggressively.


DUDE! I have been following your build on Insta…WELL DONE!


Sick build, love the cables as always. I think I’m going to have to figure out to use my university’s wood carving cnc and try it myself!


that is [email protected]#$%ng beautiful…respect.

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Look out we got a pro Genji here


Saw this on your instagram feed, SICK!!

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jesus man . you bring this game to a higher level !!


How you liking those MBS wheels ? How would you compare them to like 97mm 75a ABEC 11 Flywheels to be exact ? I’m thinking of buying either another set of flywheels or the MBS wheels you have, just haven’t found much info on user experience on those MBS wheels.

Also, awesome job on this board. I’m eager to see what is next for you ? Are you planning on another deck shape ? BTW, the concave on the witchblade looks sick as hell, must be super fun to ride.

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there wheels are a curiosity which is why i keep trying them out and using them on my commuter builds when people ask for them. They work with flywheel compatible pulleys and the price is about the same ballpark as Flywheels.

I think the only thing they have in common with ABEC 97s is their size, however. Flywheels have a higher rebound and aren’t quite as soft. These MBS wheels are a very different animal from typical flat-patch wheels we all typically use such as Flywheels and Kegels and their clones.

All of that said, i like them a lot. They grip good and bad pavement very well, and they don’t drift all over the place as much as Flywheels when rolling across really bad pavement with a lot of uneven texture. they’re quieter than you would expect, the texture of the contact patch is misleading as far as the noise is concerned as they don’t make some weird noise you might be expecting them to on smooth pavement. ITs different, but no where near what they look like they might do. the hight and reduced contact patch width seems to reduce rolling resistance to some degree so they almost seem a little faster and smoother at higher speeds and when coasting down from higher speeds. The idea of of carving hard on them made me nervous at first but they only seem to present an issue on smooth wet pavement. Twice in the last two weeks we’ve had a board slide out from under us in a hard carve, once with kegels and the other time with these, and both times was damp pavement, so they seem to work out about the same as other similar durometer wheels where that is concerned.

Also they seem to handle things like packed dirt and grass, gravelly dirt roads, cobblestone, shitty sidewalks, and that sort of thing very very well.

Not sure what’s coming next, to be honest. At the moment i’m trying to solidify my own branded stash of parts. I’ll have some motors soon, i’ve got some slightly modified fuseless vedder anti-spark switches coming soon, and i’ve just posted a metric shit-ton of pulleys on my shapeways store, some of which i’m trying to have injection molded to get the retail price down.

That Scarlet concave is my own design, i’ve been pressing decks for about a year now and i have three cutout shapes for that concave. This Witchblade AT seems to be the most popular though, and i’m itching to build a street board with it because its a very hard carver and is just as stable at speeds as my Scarlet Classic. Not to mention is shorter and uses less wood, making it lighter.


Cool. Thanks for the info. What do you think the durometer is on these MBS wheels ? I know they say they are 78a but what do you think they really are ?

They feel like 78a to me. If using orange Kegels as the reference, which are 80a, they feel a bit softer to me.

cool. I think i’m going to give those wheels a shot. Thanks man, you are my inspiration.

Really clean build and love the graphics. Also great write up on the wheels. Those wires you routed make the deck look like a circuit board lol. Awesome!!

honestly i’m surprised Circuit Board isn’t taken already, it would be a good name for an esk8 company.


It is lol. Motorised tech decks.

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