LI Cruiser | 33” Old School Deck | Off-Brand Trucks | 149kv | Custom Motor Mount | Custom Pulleys | 10s LiPo | Custom Box Enclosure | VESC

I grew up a skateboarder (9+ years) so for my build, I wanted something more familiar, because I never really liked riding longboards. I feel more comfortable on a skateboard sized board. But, at the same time, I didn’t want something that just looked like a skateboard with a motor strapped to it, I wanted a nice board for cruising.

So I made myself an electric Cruiser :grin:

Parts List:

deck: 33” Old School Cruiser Deck ~10” wide trucks: Off-Brand trucks 108mm (I’ve used them for cruising boards before, so I figured I’d use a pair for my e-board) wheels: 83mm Flywheel Clones bearings: Bones Super Reds (the only bearings I use for skating) grip-tape: Grizzly Grip clear with cutout (I didn’t want typical black grip-tape that i use on my normal skateboards) misc: 1/4” riser pads/bearing spacers/ skate hardware

esc: VESC from enertion

motor: SK3 6374 149kv Brushless Outrunner Motor motor pulley: 20T aluminum HTD5m 15mm wide wheel pulley: 40T aluminum HTD5m 15mm wide belt: HTD5m 15mm wide 300mm truck/motor mount: Custom made, to the trucks I bought, with my CNC machine (based on torqueboards v4 mount) misc: bolts/nuts/loctite

batteries: 5s 5000mah x2 wired in series for 10s switch: anti-spark loop key charger: Tenergy TB6-B Balance Charger (I only charge 1 5s battery at a time just to be safe, and this charger seems to be great so far) storage: LiPo battery guard bag (for charging/storage when not in use) misc: bullet connectors/xt90 antispark/wire/heat shrink/voltage meters(1 per battery)

remote transmitter/receiver: winning controller from Kaly misc: 3pin servo extension cable/14mm Ferrite ring

enclosure: made of HDPE(I use this a lot on my CNC so i had plenty to use) Due to the short wheelbase, its hard to find a good enclosure that will fit all my stuff, and still allow me easy access to the batteries to swap or charge them. Once I get around to building a vacuum former I’ll make a custom enclosure, but for now this will do. It’s split in two parts, the smaller part holds my VESC and controller receiver, It’s only screwed down, so I could easily use a screwdriver to gain access to it, but I normally don’t need to get into it. The bigger section opens with a thumb screw to easily get to the batteries/battery volt meters/anti-spark loop key.

Thoughts after first 2 weeks of rides: I love it! I knew I was going to love riding this thing, but I never imagined I’d love it this much. The only thing I regret is not building one earlier. I have over 60 miles on it so far(I track almost every ride), and I haven’t had any problems. My local area is mostly flat, although I have taken it up some slight hills with no problems.

Top Speed on Flat: ~21mph (34kph) calculated riding next to friend in a car. Average Distance on a charge: 7miles (11.27km)

Upgrades to do: Like I said, I want to make a new enclosure. I’m happy with mine(because it’s mine lol) but I’d like to make something more ‘professional looking.’ The only problem I foresee is that I want something with easy access to the batteries, so I don’t want to make a typical enclosure that covers everything and screws to the board, because I don’t want to have to unscrew the whole thing to get to the batteries. If anyone has any suggestions, I’d love to hear them.