Li-Ion 18650 & 20700 cell PCB holder

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As talked in the topic about Li-Ion 18650 & 20700 PCB holders

If anyone is interested in bigger quantity shout out me a message for a better price.

You can buy them here


Do the balance connections only support up to 8S geometry?

It’s 7S only, in one line you can connect up to 7 pcbs then you can do another line and connect them in series that way you will have 14S

How about 12s? Would have to buy 20? PCB’s

1 PCB per 1S3-4P, so 12 PCBs

Sorry, I forgot about those. I added 12 and 14 pcs.

Here are some exampels how to use them.


The nickel strip was just example, you would need use way bigger strip or different material for high current application.

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I’m so glad these are available now. Some super clean looking flat packs gonna be circulating…


How you connect two serial groups? Another strip between pcbs?

U can use, strip (but I guess can break from much bending), Use wire, Use flat copper mesh wire its up to you imagination. Balance leads can be either single wires, ribbon cable or I don’t know :smiley:

How many amps can these carry

Thanks, for those with flex boards maybe connect diagonal between sides for reduce stress or the

It does not have current going through the board apart balance leads which can handle 1A no problem (nobody balances higher amperage)

How much amp it carries depends on what you use for connecting them together. If you solder 0AWG wires it will handle that those 0AWG currents :slight_smile: Its just place to connect two wires from terminal basically.

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Ahhh I see😂

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Everything depends on how you connect your cells together

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I’m putting together either a 6 or 8p 10S flat pack with these and all the extra mf1 cells I got laying around, P will be determined by width of deck. Each P will be dual layer. I’m considering sandwiching the PCB, make the PCB series chain first, then add cells

To all the folks with the eBay 10s2p packs this PCB is a great way to rebuild the packs and leave all the spot welding intact

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Because of big demand, we got another order coming up so the price went lower also now we accept single peace order.

Found new prices and listings here