Li-Ion Battery Charging

Also charging overnight is not the best thing for your batteries. People say leaving batteries at 4.2v for long is not good.


WHAT??? :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

batteries are not chill at 4.2v right?

Bro first learn how chargers work before trying to explain something because this just made my day :smiley:

Glad it did :wink:

edit: by chill I didn’t mean cool/cold, It was just an expression.

Those charger bricks turn off current then voltage reaches ~4.2 that’s why it turns green it means its charged and current is disconnected

If you know why are talking about IR? :smiley:

I’ve read a lot of people saying the IR goes up on your lipos when you leave them fully charged. Shouldn’t of added that without a whole topic or page talking about it my bad.

Ima research what IR is now sorry bro :smiley:

:man_facepalming: Do you even know what IR does? or what it means? Like you talking about stuff you have zero understanding what it even means. Please stop telling people stuff you don’t even understand…

Sometimes you remind me village old ladies talking about stuff they heard somewhere and don’t even knowing what it means and etc…


What a disaster! I hope the assurance people pay up. Considering the damage it’s good that the whole house didn’t go up in flames.

@Kug3lis & @Blitz. I read somewhere that the optimal max charge for li-ion cells is 3.94v, anything above that will decrease the cell’s lifespan. And keeping a charge of 4.2v for a long time is especially bad, so better to plan your charges to end right before you go for a ride. Is that what you meant?.

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The idea is that if you don’t fully charge you loose capacity so if you want to have like 1.5Ah cell instead of yours 2.5Ah then yeah sure do that :wink: Everyone in industry charges to batteries full capacity and has no problems, just some old ladies talks that back in the days sugar was cheaper style tips :wink:

my understanding was That batteries start with a lower IR and by time go up and I’ve associated Higher IR with aged Lipo-packs (drooped capacity worse performance etc)

So, after 100 (or more) cycles the battery only has 70-80% usable capacity left, and can be considered defective (100% damage). Reduced “usable capacity” means that either the actual capacity, the ability to store a specific amount of charge, is reduced, or that the internal resistance has risen to a point where the voltage drop is so severe that the capacity cannot be used at the usual discharge currents which were possible when new.

@Kug3lis I really appreciate you taking your time here and helping us out I would of even Liked your comment to show support but “village old ladies” you went to far :sweat_smile:

Where is it in your posted thread it says you get higher IR then you keep battery at 4.2V? It just discusses about battery IR changing over time because of cycles not because of keeping voltage at 4.2V.

Regarding village old ladies its 100% truth you heard somewhere something mentioned which is completely irrelevant to some cases and you just write it down like you know your stuff about it :smiley:

I changed the “IR goes up when at 4.2v” to that on the first post.

I’ll trust you on that then.

So this just proves my point, you started talking about stuff you heard about somewhere and you think you know it…

yes of course, That’s Normal no? People heard the earth was flat but then someone told them otherwise.

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I think what Kug is trying to say is try and get your information from reliable sources :slight_smile:


Correct, and dont rush to give advices if you don’t understand that stuff, it will stop confusing people

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So, what’s storage charge for then?

This feels like it derailed somwhat into old ladies. Damn @Kug3lis , thats nasty…

What was the original question? If its bad to keep shelved cells at 4.2?