Li-ion battery pack build

I have INR18650 cells… should i maka 2 batteries of 6s3p of 6000mah ? or 2 batteries of 5s4p 8000mah? What should i build ?I have the sk3 turnigy 168 kv and a maytech vesc

6S3P always better

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Is it ok to connect two 6sp3 in series to make a 12s3p battery for this setup right?

Yeah of course even better, your esc can handle 12S?

10s4p has a bit more capacity. 12s3p if you want extra speed.

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what cells exactly? INR18650… is not enough to identify your cells.

Maytech VESC, up to 12s…

Can you please explain the calculation of these factors ? I have a 2000mah cells…

I have a 10s2p battery setup with 2200 mAh batteries. if I am right in how i calculated it, I should have 162.8 Watt hours. would someone check my work to make sure Im not drastically over or underestimating the capabilities of my batteries?

umm math? 104 = 40 cells. 123 = 36 cells. 10s4p has 4 more cells = more capacity. 12s3p has higher voltage, so more rpm. 2ah cells are really small. and probably can’t produce enough amps. dont expect great performace either way…

Thx again, i know the math but im not sure about the meaning… 12s3p has more voltage And 10s4p has more amps (6000mah vs 8000mah) Right?

Technologically speaking, what define that the 12s3p drains faster ? And how come less amps give more rpm ? Thx again

since you’re not telling us what cells exactly you use, I’m going to assume its either samsung 20R (22A discharge) or 20Q (15A discharge) cells. So with 3S you could draw 66A/45A and with 4S you could draw 88A/60A. I’d definitely go with 4S, since its not only more capacity but it will also run the cells not as close to their limits which will drastically improve their life expectancy (number of cycles).

I run a 10S6P battery (because I have only 10A cells) with a sk3 192kv motor. Top speed is 36km/h on rather small 70mm wheels right now. so on 10s your 168kv motor should have more torque (mine is already pretty good) and similar or better speeds if you use larger wheels like 90mm which would be recommended anyway.

Sorry about the delay, the cells are from an electric bike battery (friends bike was stolen without the battery, the bike wes new and so is the battery)

I dont see any brand on the cells, but they are 2000mah.

I would not recommend using those cells then. They are probably some cheap chinese cells then… maybe tou could take a picture of them to show us?

Batteries for electric bikes is usually not capable of supplying as many amps as needed for an eskate… These cells can probably only deliver about 5-10a each.

I would highly recommend that you do some more research on which cells you have got your hands on before continueing using them.

this spreadsheet I made should help you to identify your cells.

we really have to know what cells they are. if they are indeed chinese ones (which is not automatically bad) 10S4P might not be enough to supply the current needed,

i don’t know why you are giving me such a worried response… I already built a 6s3p battery out of these and it work great… these are the cells

here’s the datasheet:

as you can see, they are rated for a max. output of 6A. at 3p thats 18A. Thats around 400Watts of constant power your pack can provide. An SK3 should draw more than that on average. That means, If your not super light and are exclusively riding on flat asphalt, you are killing your batteries while still not at the performance your other components could deliver. if you don’t have some kind of over current protection, like fuses your cells may eventually overheat and vent/catch fire.

just saying.

btw… that does your speed and range looks like? 168kv seems pretty low for 6S, and with that motor and battery setup, do you get more than 5km out of it?

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