Li ion pack wont charge

so I have a 6s4p Tb pack that is no longer turning on all the connections are fine which is why im wondering if its a bms issue it took a minor hit when a i Was riding it and the board hit a wall at roughly 12mph but it was protected inside a kydex enclosure and wasnt physically harmed so is it a possible battery problem?

Not to be a grammar Nazi or anything, but you not using apostrophes and periods just makes this so hard to read.

The battery spot welds probably won’t snap off from a board accident, but might if the enclosure takes a direct hit. However, that would not stop the battery from turning on.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

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Does it have a fuse inside the pack? Maybe the fuse. If it stop working right after you crashed, you may have pulled a wire loose.

Once you’ve eliminated fuse/connection problems i would test the battery by itself

Pictures for sure are needed.

I’d also ask @Torqueboards as he may have seen something similar and have suggestions to troubleshoot.

If you can open it without voiding any warranty - i’d also crack it open to confirm everything is looking correct and still connected. Something simple could’ve been bumped loose. Might be a quick fix.


@sl33py @smudgeUK @Namasaki @Pantologist WIll try and open it up to get that photo

Just make sure you aren’t voiding your warranty if there is a security sticker.

still might be a good idea to jump onto DIYes site and chat w/ @Torqueboards! Before you do anything too drastic…

Sl33py’s wright, check with Dexter before doing anything. It might be a warranty issue. If not, he may be able to give you some insight to opening the package without damaging anything.

alright will do

yea its now no longer holding a charge


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That little part is heating up and looks fried it’s a battery supports BMS. Do u see anything wrong with the wiring or maybe just a bad bms…@sl33py @smudgeUK @Namasaki @Pantologist

Bms got hot, maybe fried but not sure. Maybe something shorted in the crash. Check the bms where the wires connect for loose connections. Check all the batteries cells and weld tabs make sure none are shorting out or disconnected. Check voltages of each battery cell individually to make sure there good. Voltage of each cell should not be below 2.8v If the bms was mounted on top of the battery cells, check all the cells to see it there is any opening in the shrink wrap around the battery cells. The bms could have shorted on one of the battery cells. Check all the balance wires for open insulation.