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Li-po Voltage Meters

I’m quite dumb when it comes to electronics, but I do know that a voltage meter is something that every e-board should have if you don’t want to ruin your batteries. However, knowing that I’m dumb with electronics, I also don’t want to risk unplugging and replugging that meter into the batteries every time during charging. Any suggestions/pictures/videos that could help show me (and maybe others like me) how to correctly do that without unplugging it every time would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

I wired mine permanent there is a diagram in the diagrams thread.

Looks good! Was there some kind of adapter that you used?

Just soldered in an extra jst connector

Do you want per cell voltages or a total pack voltage?

Couple ways of going about it.

Total pack voltage, but for two packs. For me it should be around 11.1 per pack

I’ve been using an RC Watt Meter.

It provides an EXCESS of stats, but if you’re running diagnostics and tuning its handy.