"license plate" + motor protection for evolve GT/GTX/GTR

Hey guys, just sharing a fun project, i recreated the mounting plates for the bashguard kit, and used it to enclose the motors in metal bars , is a quite nice protection for riding offroad, and well i wanted to get myself a custom license plate style username decal on the back just for swag :stuck_out_tongue: if anyone wants the stl files to print it for them self or to mill it out of metal just let me know , i might put it on thingiverse for download and customisation.https://www.instagram.com/p/CC6amoEF6c6/


looks sweet, i would like a similar thing once my build finally starts

Thank you, do you mount the motors in a similar way like on the evolve boards? :slight_smile:

I am doing a DIY board. Converting a scrub board. An interesting project

sounds great, hows the project going? :slight_smile:

slow, very slow. just waiting on parts to arrive so i can build and get on road. i am also away for 2 weeks loool, So realistically i will have missed the best part of summer to ride the board. I have wrapped it tho. its on my insta @trevnet still waiting on a box, motors, mounts, and bindings to come.

Any updates :smiley: ? I also was waiting for a new esc since mine was fried after 120km lol

that is sick, have you got LED’s behind the lettering? I’m gonna do something similar but put an acryllic decepticons sign at the back that lights up at night, will post pics once I done it

At first I really wanted to put LEDs in there but then I didn’t do it for this board, just because I don’t drive a lot on the night and honestly I was too lazy to wire it up.

But for the other evolve board Ian currently converting I think I’ll add LEDs :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll post the progress on instagram then, this board will be a AT board with gears and chains instead of the rubber transmission belt :smiley: