Life-threatening accident because of ESC (maybe even VESC)?

I got too afraid to use my winning remote to do stuck throttle/unresponsive brakes. Been going great so far on my benchwheel remote though. I think the winning remote needs caps.

I hope to god that Enertions remote (supposedly winning revised) will have the proper revisions to ensure reliable performance.


@torqueboards is your nano remote a modified winning remote? Hoping it is because I want to order one

@Sean555 I haven’t noticed any issues besides improper installation. Typically, it can almost happen with any other remote as well.

Your story hits really close to home, almost identical TBI that happened to my friend but at a higher speed. He also has lost his sense of smell because of the nerves in front of the skull getting damaged. I think this thread is turning into a witch hunt to single out one component but it really goes beyond that. The tech is evolving at such a rapid pace while safety awareness takes a back seat. If you look at all of the major commercial eboard companies, they each have either a video or still with non helmeted riders, some with very little to no experience. I think the DIY community will always be a step ahead in safety but it will take more than just fine print and text disclaimers to get the general public aware of the risk ladder.

I’m personally very thankful that you shared your story on your recovery. Most people will never think it will happen to them, until it does or it happens to a loved one and suddenly the world changes forever.


Thank you. Really sorry to hear about your friend. Sounds like a similar situation. Mind if I ask how long ago his accident was? Has he also recovered well, aside from the anosmia?

It’s hard to explain to someone what it’s like to not be able to taste or smell whatsoever. It really starts to bum me out if I think how it may be like this the rest of my life. Could have been worse though, I guess. I’m holding out hope, I’ve read there are cases where it can come back, even years later. I hope for the best for your friend as well.

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I know with standard car ESCs, it’ll slam on the brakes for a brief moment if the PPM signal cable is disconnected from the receiver in any way. I found that out when I fell at full speed while using the Wiiceiver. Thankfully my board was around 3-4 mph under 20 and I just slid on my stomach. I immediately blamed the Wiiceiver as it has more exposed connections and my case at the time was pretty open.

Haven’t really tested that on the VESC, but what I do know is something similar happened while I would be holding the brakes for awhile. Could be overcurrent or something. Just a few weeks ago it kind of did it again when my Space Cell was on it, but not as hard as the car ESC.

Here’s the thread I made that goes into pretty deep detail about the accident which then then turns into helmet safety:

He is doing better, pretty much a miracle he survived. We literally just had dinner a few hours ago and he mentioned that the doctors said he may not regain his sense of smell. Recently he’s also been having weird tingling sensations in his neck and legs when he lowers his chin to his chest. He got an MRI and it came up clear so it may be some temporary lingering effects. But again everyone is different. The human brain is incredibly complex.

He doesn’t really remember much about the accident but for me it’s one of the worst things I’ve had to witness. Although we’ve ruled out any hardware errors, the fact that someone I care about got hurt on something I built really destroyed me for awhile. And while he looks pretty much normal from the outside looking in, it’s still an ongoing recovery. I’m almost done with my 20 minute documentary that will hopefully bring more awareness to ESK8 safety which includes some pretty graphic footage of what went down. It was a tough thing to edit but it’s helped me come to peace with my guilt.

Keep your head up brother, you aren’t alone and just remember someone who reads your story will think twice about hopping on their board without a helmet.


I think we need to explore a hard line connection… with some sort of quick release option, not to get dragged under a bus…board and all…

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Im sitting here on the couch with hands, elbows and hip with no skin because of something like this. In my case, the remote stopped responding and the ESC went full throttle, i had to bail at about 30km/h. Im still trying to figure out what went wrong, but until i can be 100% sure it wont happen again the board is staying in the closet.

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I dont have a VESC, just a Turnigy Trackstar 150A

what you mind sharing what remote you were using?

Does anything like the boosted board cause problems like this?


i also wonder if anyone has ever had any of these problems with @onloop enertion board, @longhairedboy boards or other DIY pre made boards. I wonder what we are doing wrong if there are allready DIY boards made that don’t have these issues but use the same components.

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This behavior happened to my a year back when I was using the wiiceiver, the issue was that a cellphone tower high jacked the signal and the board just blasted down the road.

The only thing a lot of us are doing wrong is not taking the time to get to know the board, our environment, identifying the electromagnetic interference hot spots around us and a lot of other factors that you notice once you start riding a eBoard.

As of now I can tell the location of most major interference hotspot in my area and avoid the area or behave accordingly to the situation.

by not following a learning progression we put our self in great danger because this boards are not toys.


Hobbyking GT2-E

Do you know if there is a difference between that one and GT2B??

from what i gather its the same, but without the rechargeable batteries. I might be wrong tough.

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Thats why i always wear a helmet. ESCs and alsmost all electric components are not 100% Safe. And we dont know what he build. Maybe it was an 30A ESC who burned…