LiFePo 80amp (40 continuous) 36v 2.5ah A123 Battery (like boosted boards battery)

Hi all,

I got some custom batteries built for some safe high power drag racing boards (not actually drag racing - just insane acceleration without tasking the batteries and without using LiPo pouches.

While the capacity is low they charge in 30 mins using a 5A charger! (not selling that, but I have 3A chargers instead)

It’s essentially a 36v version of a boosted board battery, with the same 2.5AH capacity and badass BMS that’s rated to 80 amp’s peak, 40amp continuous.

I’ve got a few spare if anyone’s interested. 2 x here in UK and 10 more being built at factory. £190 each. Shout if your keen for a high power light wight battery. Comes with charger.


38.4v (charges to 40v) 2.5AH 12s1p A123 cells XT-90 for discharge 3pin 5amp rated connector for charging. Voltage display with on/off switch 40Amp rated BMS (80amp peak) 232mm(L) x 102mm(W) x 40mm (H) (more can be shaved off if you remove the plastic enclosure)

Sorry about the pictures, phone got soaked today and camera is still drying off.

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