LifePo4 12s BMS - Help Requested

Hi, I’m having a lot of trouble finding an appropriate BMS for a 12s A123 setup :

There is plenty of discussion on the topic b/c that’s what Boosted used in v1 and maybe v2 but their BMS’s aren’t purchasable so far as I can tell and I can’t for the life of me understand the math around amps for this battery configuration. There’s almost too many options here: , just running into some paralysis to analysis.

These work just fine.

Or this if you want some p-group balance monitoring.

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Hey @RyEnd thanks for the response and appreciate the links. I only plan to use the BMS to charge, so I believe that means I want the ‘separate’ port variants? Buying any amperage would be fine right; just impacts the total charge time? Your first link notes ‘lithium battery pack 18650 LiFePO4 Battery Pack’, the cells I own are 26650, any implications there?

Assuming one of those BMSs is applicable, this charger should be fine?

Thanks again for your help, your links allowed me to more fine tuned research.

@RyEnd would appreciate a follow up on this. If not though, thanks for the assistance so far.

You got it. I think you can wire either for charge only, but I know you can wire the ‘separate’ variant charge only.

BMS doesn’t care about battery size, just series #.

That charger looks good.

Come check out https://forum., lots more action over there.

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