Lifepo4 cells for mountainboard build

Hey guys do I was looking up on batteries and I stumbled across some lifepo4 cells on aliexpress a D alibaba, now I was wondering if anyone had ever used them in here and if not why not? They seem to offer some great price to performance and aren’t necessarily that big either. An other question would be if anyone could point me to a possible bms (charge only would be fine)

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Do not buy batteries from ebay or ali or similar, the chance for dupes or fake capacity is way too high. NKON.NL is one of the most commonly used suppliers in EU and I can personally recommend them.

Regarding the LIPO4 chemistry, they have impressive current ratings but dont have the best energy density compared to some of the more commonly used cells like the INR30Q. Buck per Watthour, you’re better off choosing some other cell. Not familiar with your choice and why etc but thats my 2 cents :slight_smile:

Regarding BMS, or got what you need :slight_smile:

@linsus Sorry I forgot to add a link to what I was talking about

Since I’m planning on building a 10S batterie these seem te be pretty interesting for that purpose?

Cheers mate I’ll have a look if I can find what I need

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I’ve never built a pack of li-polymer packs, specs looks alright if they’re legit.Sounds abit too good to be true to me. Recommend starting with 18650 cells if its your first time, they’re safer.

Well I’ve build 18650 Battery packs before, and the specs look a bit too good I would agree to that, Although every mention of similar cells mentions the same type of specs, lower C rating than simple LiPo cells and a bit lower voltage but higher Capacitance. If I can get a good price I just might build it as test, Just gotta design a strong enough enclosure then and run some test. A cell is never a waste for me though so I’m not to worried about that

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Yeah, it would be fun to try, but could get costly :smiley:

Lipos need space to be able to expand abit. If cramped to tight its very prone to be a firehazard. Lipos in general are less sturdy as cells then 18650, I’m way too paranoid to make a pack of them.

Yeah well, I don’t want to be held back by being afraid. And yes, 18650 are sturdier because of the metal casing, so making one out of aluminium or with a vacuum chamber should do the trick as long as I leave them vertical room to breath. I’ll continue in this thread if 8 actually go through with it!

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