Lightest parts config right now?

I was lucky enough to get my hands on a new deck that I am currently riding unmotorized. The flexiness makes it feel much more enjoyable than the flat stealth board I built - so obviously I’d like to motorize it.

Since my stealth board is quite heavy with dual Hubs and a 10S3P battery (and I am not getting close to actually needing all the power it is capable of) I was wondering what the lightest configuration could be for a new single drive. I ordered a Focbox and am now thinking of what is needed in terms of battery (are Lipo-pouches lighter than A123 cells (which are a little too expensive for me) or are there alternatives like 21700 to make a 10S1P in order to save weight) and motor. Is a single Hubmotor lighter than a full belt setup with all the pulleys and motor holder? I have a 5065 lying around that is at least lighter than my SK3 149kv.

Well I am looking forward to your ideas.


I think 2 proper 5s lipos are a nice way to go. You could take them apart and lay them out like you want.

Was thinking the same - I already have two 3S 5000mAh Turnigys that I used on my first build ever. Could just get a 4S or another 3S.

make sure to get high C rated quality ones. I have an agressive riding style and destroyed my 2 3S Zippys 30C 8000maH with to much voltage sag :smiley:

As I said in the beginning: this build is not supposed to be a high performance hill climber. My dual hub build is already way overpowered for the streets I ride on with basically no hills and me just carving around for fun at 30km/h. My 20C Turnigys should already work well for that i guess

Question remains on what to do with the motor. A single hub motor or belt drive with small 5065 motor :thinking: I’d also like to know how heavy Ronins are compared to calibers…

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Should work well in this case, just check them frequently. I´d try a single hub for stealthiness. Do you wanna use a Jacob hub for that or something else? @whitepony should be able to help out with the weight of the ronin trucks.

Single hub is most definitely lighter than single belt, however if you are going hubs make sure you get one with a 50mm motor if you can to make it lighter overall…

Also 20700 cells are still pretty heavy, LiPOs are the way to go if you want to keep it light

I have 80mm kegels on this board right now. Is there a hub motor out there that could be used with them (in terms of size and color)?

the torquebords hub is orange and 83mm - you could use a lathe and take off 3 mm of urethane. However I have had several problems with that motor and unfortunately would not recommend it (I’ve seen the EXACT same motor that he is selling but for half the price on Alibaba)

It may be interesting if you could take your 50mm motor, modify it, and use it with the Kegel urethane so that all 4 wheels look exactly the same but 1 of them is the hub motor. I have seen people do it with abecs

Sony VCT5’s are getting cheap 10s2p will give 5aH at 60 amps continuous.

Offtopic: discharge curves favor 30Q over VTC5

my single SK3 and turnigy lipo powered cheap build is pretty light. but still flings me around at 30+km/h I might have to weight it.


just weighed in 4.7kg. or 10.3 pounds if you are still using the old system.