Lightning Penny

Right guys. I’ve been lurking on this forum for long enough by now. I’ve got three boards lying under the stairs needing some excuse to be ridden. I’ve decided to attempt to electrify a Penny Nickel. If anyone has any particular parts I should aim to get please let me know (batteries, ESC and motors especially).

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Yeah first get helmet and some pads

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I’ve got those lying around. I’m not looking to set any speed records just save on pumping.

I´d go with single or dual hub to safe some space. My way to go: Single Hub, Vesc, 12s1p A123 26650 Battery

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I would get hubs, because deck space is very limited on a Penny. You should also get harder bushings to reduce speed wobble.

Good ideas. Any ideas where I could find some cheap hubs to run? Trying to keep costs as low as possible without creating a useless piece of junk.

I saw some cheap Maytech 90 mm hubs, but personally I would go for Hummies or Carvons Hubs, they are more expensive, but still cheaper than most satellite setups. or from alibaba. You could also check, if @Hummie is having some old motors in stock for not too much money.

Nice, I’ll waste some time googling then! Least I have somewhere to start.