Lightweight single. 6355 vs 5065?

Nearly have my second build ready, but what motor to use??

so far I have: Cheap Quest 40" pintail. Paris front/ Caliber 50 rear 97mm flywheel clones (Maybe kegals to save weight) 12/15mm 42/16 8s 10ah 10c lipo (Slimed, ~350Whr) Vesc 4.12 (DIY)

50mm $80 Psychotiller 270kv 5065

$84 + shipping Chaka

$70 + shipping Torque 5055

63mm $90 + shipping Torque

$99 (Special) Rspec 6355

$57 + shipping 6354 sk3 260kv (Sold out while in my cart :sob: )

Looks like they are all sensored expect the rspec!

I like chakas motor just because it looks solid and the small holes should keep it cleaner. but how does the torque of these new 50’s compare against a 63? don’t really care about speed, but i don’t want to be passed by a boosted either… . . . for reference i’m running a single 6374 sk3 149kv on 12s lipo + vesc + 97mm.

Bigger will always be better… just make sure what ever motor you go with you don’t over work it…

Motors love running cool and at high rpm…

A larger motor geared to run at optimal rpm (top speed/ full throttle) will always be better.

I’m running the 3374 Enertion pro + at 95kg and this thing pulls and I haven’t felt it get too hot. Very impressed.

Those Ollinboardco 5065s are pretty sweet. They aren’t really that much smaller than a 6355. The can is smaller diameter, but it is longer. For an 8s battery like you are running, the Psychotiller 270kv or the Diyelectricskateboards [email protected] would be perfectly balanced for your system. diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/electric-skateboard-motor-5055/ Dexter has the largest possible stators for his motors. “Extended stator size for more power same as a 5065”( I noticed your link was for the 190kv ones) Plus, the 50mm motors are a better match for VESC 4.12 since the current VESC is [email protected] 50A max. So that means less propensity to overheat your VESC and other issues. Great thread about it right here. There’s a lot of good info in this thread, so really get your read on! :wink:

I would hold out on the purchase, I have some things in the works to organize a group buy, at steep discounts. 6354 / 6374 sensored to be exact. All black stealth looking beauties. Should have details tomorrow.

i’m in no rush…well not really…looks like you might have made my choice for me… at least for now :sweat_smile:

@Ulfberht interesting topic, pretty much jason likes his 63mm beasts, and chaka likes his pretty 50’s. no surprise there.

also why is 4.12 only 50v? capboard? can’t see the ratings because of the black heatshink…

my 4.10 is handling 12s just fine, but I can see it has 63v caps.

Whoops! I meant 50A max! Sorry about that. “Current: Up to 240A for a couple of seconds or about 50A continuous depending on the temperature and air circulation around the PCB.”