LiitoKala 26650 5000mah 20A Continues 50A Peak

I have just pulled a trigger on LiitoKala 26650 5000mah 20a continuous discharge and 50a peak. 24 cells for 12s2p battery pack with massive 432WH. You know it’s all for SCIENCE !! :slight_smile:

** AND HERE IS THE KICKER THERE IS A KILLER 60% OFF DEAL ON GEARBEST RIGHT NOW - my 12s2p pack -24 CELLS - was only 112 $ !!!**

These are pretty unknown batteries in the ESK8 Scene but right now they are the best 26650 on the market. These cells have been tested pretty well recently and they are TRUE 5000 MAH. More over they 've been proven many times to be a lot more than 5000:


20A continuous is not that great for 26650, that’s the same as most 18650’s. There a lot of complaints about the Eon board because it’s running 1P for 20A continuous and 40A for 2p.

Also are there any tests on these cells for capacity at 20A discharge?

20a is nothing amazing …but enough for my build in 12s2p setup. But the capacity and the price is the winner here.

reading this feels like an advertisement

So if I am just letting know that it is 60% off, I am automatically working for Gearbest ?

how so?

can I see some tests?

what makes this really seem like an advertisement is that it is a fairly unknown brand

In terms of capacity these have been proven in several tests to do true 5000mah and more, unlike many others 26650. If you know any other cells that keep 5000mah just let me know.

For example here:


Thanks @NAF it’s great to see new cells on the market that might work for esk8. Looking forward to seeing how they work out for you. When I see new cells for sale, the first thing I wonder is whether the label is presenting accurate information about capacity and discharge (which your links cover well, thanks!)

The other is about the longevity. I think that there are cells that perform well out-of-the-box but don’t last through the anticipated lifecycle. If these hold up well, it’s an awesome deal. It’s exciting to think that we could build a 10S3P 15,000mAh pack for $150usd!


Thats very much true. Most of the companies will “LIE TO THE FACE OF BABY JESUS” with their exaggerated claims about capacity and discharge. As much as I like this esk8 community I pretty much find much more information on batteries done by MOOCH from . He is doing some pretty amazing tests there.


@NAF yes it’s true, the vaping community definitely does their homework when it comes to cells, I find myself unexpectedly at vaping forums pretty often for their battery reviews. Keep us posted once you’ve got your pack built.

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150,000mAh packs

it’d be nice to have 5550wh packs :laughing:

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@Jinra LOL whoops! Ya that would be nice! Will edit the above :slight_smile:

I remember a sale from Bestgear recently on Samsung 25r cells. I would have purchased some from Bestgear but they seemed to have mixed reviews. Did you have any problems with the site when buy your cells?

This is epic.

what bms would you recommend if I want to build a 12s2p?

3.7 watt hours per dollar sounds too good to be true. Even the cheapest HK lipos are 2.7 watt hours per dollar.

Did these work?


Can you update this thread about your experience with this battery? I found it still exists in newer form and it looks like good choice but I’d like to know if it lived to the expectations.

The Liitokala Store on Aliexpress has a better price and they seem to have more in stock. Also here a test from lygte.

I have bought liitokala… alll fake… really low mah… 1600mah only… waste of time… and money…

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